Clinique ropes in diverse influencers for ‘We Hear You’ campaign

We Hear You

Supari Studios produced the latest campaign, We Hear You for Clinique’s Even Better range of products.

Bringing on board four diverse influencers, Supriya Joshi, Lisa Mishra, Leeza Mangaldas and Teena Singh, they put together a series of fun and spunky films that offer viewers a glimpse into each influencer’s personality.

In a candid chat about what beauty means to them, these influencers describe the role that Clinique’s Even Better products play in their lives, helping them in achieving their goals. The films use a very realistic tone and are accompanied by polished visuals and catchy music, aiming to fill its viewers with a sense of joy and independence, much like the products themselves.

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Sameer Ghauri, Director of the film said, “Our goal was to keep the tone of the films honest and real, complemented by clean and elegant visuals that are crisply edited to music handpicked to pair with each lady’s distinct personality. The colour tone of each film was also meticulously chosen to complement the different skin tones of our influencers.

The aim of the films was to celebrate the diversity of smart, independent Indian women and at the same time highlighting that the brand caters to over 50 types of different skin tones, and I feel our films managed to achieve that quite successfully.”

Mitali Sharma, Executive Producer, Supari Studios said, “With this campaign, we wanted to focus on the tagline ‘Even Better’ by bringing out the strong personalities of each of the influencers and how they don’t like to settle in life, just like the Even Better foundation. We tried to encapsulate a piece of their life into the films by throwing in some minimal props that gave a suggestion of their profession.