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In an era of ad blocks and dwindling attention span, content has evolved from an overused term to a medium of survival. If statistics are to be believed, 42% of B2B marketers say they’re effective at content marketing.

With increasing reliance on content marketing, original content has emerged to become a buzzword.

Gone are the days when an advertisers’ focal point was only on  ‘how to sell the product’. Today, it’s beyond advertising and selling. Sans doubt, the digital world has given brands immense opportunities to explore content online and break the clutter with extraordinary narratives. Globally brands like Apple, Pepsi’s Creators League, Red Bull’s The Red Bull effect, Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches have actively experimented with socially relevant content in the form of videos to boost brand loyalty and consumer engagement.

Increased data and mobile penetration with the availability of innumerable tools for creating videos online have only paved way for more stories on social media. Original content from Radio to TV to Youtube and now individual content creators with brands too producing content in-house is a proof to breaking of bars to roll out videos.  

While content marketing has come under the spotlight in recent times, the practice has witnessed success in campaigns like Virgin Mobiles’ Indian Panga League. In 2010, taking cricket frenzy to a different level, Virgin Mobile India launched Indian Panga League on YouTube and was touted as the first of its kind initiative in the digital arena during IPL.

Over 100 films of 15 seconds were shot and created in a  quirky manner. Then there was no looking back. Realizing the potential of original content, various brands joined the bandwagon which has become a common practice in the ad world today.

We list down a few for you original content campaigns created by brands:

Hershey's Presents Meethe Bahane With Ranveer Brar

Healthy Wraps with Sanjeev Kapoor and Nutralite


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Asian Paints Where The Heart Is

Quaker India- Kitchen Khanna & Konversations

Mission Mars: Keeping Walking India


Achieve Life Goals with Bajaj Allianz

SBI Life 

Idea #MeriRealLife 

Kingfisher Ultra 

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