Regional language social media platform, Helo, shares 2018 data

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Helo, India's regional language social media platform, today unveils the top three most popular trending topics that have engaged users nationwide.

According to Helo, this year’s festive Diwali season was the biggest trending topic of 2018, as the platform garnered over 600 million views, with users exchanging wishes and engaging with posts by Indian celebrities. During the Diwali season, the app also received over 300,000 posts, with various vernacular hashtags including #मेरा घर जगमग, #ధనత్రయోదశి శుభాకాంక్షలు, #லக்ஷ்மி பூஜை, #ദീപാവലി, #ಲಕ್ಷ್ಮಿ ಪೂಜೆ, #ਦਿਵਾਲੀ ਦੀ ਰੰਗੋਲੀ, #দীপাবলির আলোর প্রদীপ, #મારી દિવાળીની રંગોળી and #पहिला पाडवा.


The second most popular trending topic among Helo users was the launch of the film 2.0. The release of this biggest Indian science fiction film of the year last November garnered over 220 million views on the platform. This trending topic sparked discussions around the film as well as on the topics of science and technology, resulting in various posts and memes.


This trending topic was closely followed with conversations about the Gaja Cyclone which affected the Indian State of Tamil Nadu, causing billions of damage and leaving hundreds homeless or missing. To help those affected by the tragedy, the Helo team launched its ‘Bless for Delta’ campaign, which garnered almost 200 million impressions on the app. This topic also saw a rise in heartwarming posts of various individuals and organizations extending their sympathy and aid to those affected by the cyclone.

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To cap off an amazing year, users can get a chance to vote for the most popular entertainer on Helo through the “Helo Best of 2018” campaign. Starting Dec 25, Helo users can cast their votes here. The final results, which will be available in Hindi,Tamil,Telugu,Punjabi,Bengali,Gujarati and Marathi, will be unveiled on Dec 31.


Commenting on the trending topics of 2018, Shyamanga Barooah, Head of Content Operations, Helo said, “A s Helo is available in 14 Indian languages with over 25 million monthly active users, the trending topics on our app serve as a testament to the most compelling conversations capturing the attention of the nation. Apart from showcasing the trending topics in real-time on the platform, we also launched some contests and campaigns around some of these key topics to actively encourage our users to also post their views. We’re looking forward to engaging more regional language users in the coming year with our trending topics and other exciting product features to ensure that Helo continues to be a platform for a great exchange of perspectives.”

Helo is available in India in 14 vernacular languages, including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and more. The app enables one to make new friends, share jokes, tweets, memes, WhatsApp status updates, wishes, quotes, shayari and stay informed with the latest trending news and views of the day.

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