Infographic: Social Media is more addictive than Tobacco and Alcohol

Social Media addiction

Ever wondered why are you always attracted to using social media whenever you can and have the urge to check it constantly? We are here with some answers on social media addiction.

No, it’s not the interesting “content” and no, it’s not because you want to stay updated about your friends’ life. The reasons are more on the lines of Psychology and your temperament.

So, the main reason for social media addiction is because it releases a chemical in the brain called, dopamine.

For the unacquainted, dopamine is a chemical that triggers short-term pleasure. It is a way of your body rewarding you after you do some rigorous work like exerting exercise or studying hard. Unfortunately, just “using” social media releases dopamine too.

That’s why, even if your phone is not a hotline when it goes “Ting”, you have this irresistible urge to see who wants to interact with you.

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Another reason is, people are scared to be lonely, and they feel safer in groups. Loneliness is looked at as a tainted curse. Solitude is bliss, although socializing is important but not to a point where you decide your worth based on likes & comments on your photo or if you’re welcomed in a group.

Cause of people commenting and liking other’s posts is so that they reciprocate in the same way.

Social Media is a global platform with the farthest reach but its vices are on the lines of being a breach and disturbing your mental health.

Excess release of dopamine damages the dopamine receptors leads to depression, bipolar disorders, binge eating, addiction, gambling, schizophrenia, low self-esteem, troubled relationships “apart” from other psychotic effects.

The infographic below further breaks down Social Media addiction and how to cure it.

Infographic Social Media Addiction