Instagram releases a voice messaging feature in DM

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Instagram has released a voice messaging feature that allows users to send up to a minute-long voice messages using Direct Messages. The feature unveiled is available for both iOS and Android.

Off lately, Instagram is trying to portray Direct Messages as a popular messenger app, thus introduced features like DM Poll Stickers, Group Video Chat, Online Status notifications and now Voice Messaging Feature. Users can record voice messages by holding down the microphone button, it’s automatically sent once the button is released although you also have the option of deleting it by tapping the trash can.

Instagram is a dollar short and a day late, on launching this feature. Popular messaging or social networking apps either come in with the feature or have incorporated it a long time ago.

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The platform users for a long time have wanted features like desktop access to Direct and chronological feed. Chronological feed reduces the clutter and lets the user explore unseen posts in a wide-range timeline. Users have wanted this feature since a long time ago.

Small businesses want the ‘Swipe Up’ option. Apparently, all business accounts do not qualify for the ‘Swipe Up’. Either having 10K+ followers or being a verified account would qualify a business account for having the ‘Swipe Up’ option. Smaller businesses lose out on early growth due to this parameter.

Instagram had to bring in the voice messaging feature some time, though the focus should be on the features their users want.

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