Six Important Questions Your Social Media Bio Must Answer

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Six Important Questions Your Social Media Bio Must Answer

Social media gurus across the globe are looking for the Holy Grail of biographies; the kind of beautifully crafted, engaging content that, not only makes it past the first glance, but lives on in a world of change.

The truth is there is no Holy Grail, just diligent research and a practised writing style that means your readers will choose to engage with you. Get the basics right and the rest will follow. We look at six questions, designed to help you figure out how relevant your social media bio strategy is and how to improve it.

1. Do you know your audience?

Don’t even begin to write a bio piece until you have carried out some thorough research. Make sure you know who’ll be engaging with you and who you want to be reading about you so you’re saying all the right things, all the time. Lack of research will shine through and runs the risk of being way off the mark in terms of what you’re offering. Check out what others are saying about themselves and take a look at social media bios that work and those that fall short of the


For instance, this bio is well-researched and targeted to a specific audience.

Instagram Bio

2. Can you keep it relevant?

Like you, your readers are busy and time pressed so if they remember only one descriptive bio they’ve read today, make it yours. Philip Trevalis, a social media marketer at Assignment help , comments: “Overly long content will not cut it, a reader will switch off, but neither will something that tells you absolutely nothing and fails to impart any information. Make bios short, get your points across quickly and appeal to the reader using short but powerful language”.

According to this example, you can even go a few words short.

Instagram Bio

3. Do you have a successful writing style?

You’ll want to develop a writing style for your social media bio that is similar to how you write for your website, including shorter paragraphs rather than a wall of text. Your style should be engaging and have a sense of familiarity about it, helping the reader feel involved. Avoid, at all costs, capping up shouty language and of course check for sense and grammar issues. If it takes more than two tries to read a sentence, then that sentence must be re-written. Be personal but not too introspective.

Tom Hanks has a great and simple style of writing.

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4. What is your social media bio doing?

Identify early on what your reader is being ask to do. Are you imparting a sense of trust, marketing yourself or your product or asking the reader to simply follow you? Make it logical, keep it simple and give followers a good reason why sticking with you will benefit them. Naturally Ella profile offers free recipes, for instance.

Instagram Bio

5. How will you grab the reader’s attention?

Through an amazing and properly structured bio of course! “A mix of the personal and the eye-catching, drawing your reader in with a sense of the familiar alongside some facts that only your bio reveals. Your marketing research will really pay off at this stage”, - says digital marketer Sarah Hannigan from Uktopwriters . This bio demands attention because of emojis and the very subject of chocolate in it.

Instagram Bio

6. Have you tested your copy out?

You’ve spent a solid few hours carefully crafting your bio, using just the right words, the perfect call to action and all in a few short paragraphs. Now’s the time to get the help of a critical friend or colleague. By critical we mean fair, but honest; someone who can read the bio as a prospective client and feedback to you how it makes them feel and if they would follow up your


They should also take a few moments to test out any links you’ve embedded as a non-working link will send out a negative impression.

When you’ve passed this stage of the creative process, you’re good to go.

Tools of the trade

You don’t have to go it alone when it comes to choosing powerful language to phrase your

social media bio. There’s help out there to inspire and guide you towards the perfect plan:

Ukwritings – an all round service offering everything from copywriting to academic writing

Stateofwriting / Academic advisor – tools to help you get your copywriting style just right.

Study demic / Boomessays – the perfect sites to generate headlines, keywords and eye- catching phraseology

Essayroo / Paperfellows – avoid making grammatical howlers with these two checking sites

Viawriting / Bigassignments – get the right look, right when you need it.

Get it right first time, use every tool available to you and your social media bio will jump out at any prospective reader or future follower.

You don’t have to be a genius to get social media right, but you do have to be smart, aware and open. Start small and get the basics right. With thousands of potential clients ready to find out all about you, what do you have to lose?


Author - Freddie Tubbs

Freddie Tubbs is a social media manager at Ukwritings. He also works as a content writer and editor at Boomessays and Essayroo blogs.

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