World AIDS Day 2018 Campaigns infect the society with positivity

World AIDS Day 2018 Campaigns

World AIDS Day 2018 inspired brands to raise awareness and enlighten their consumers & audience by weaving these campaigns around the theme.

As no cure exists for AIDS yet, it has been a long time since the infection was discovered. Furthermore millions are infected and with all the social trauma, myths surrounding it, these brands marched on the right path, by coming out with campaigns and creatives that educate, spread awareness and break myths around HIV AIDS.

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Brands kept the notion of ‘selling products’ aside and shot an arrow through society’s heart through these creatives. Making it bleed empathy towards the plight of the infected ones and putting the spotlight on today’s situation, i.e. what a patient has gone through or has to go through while stating a few disturbing facts.

Social Samosa compiles a listicle of such brands that drip nobility with their cause.

World Health Organization


Eicher Trucks & Buses

Global Girls Alliance

Indian Red Cross

Manforce Condoms


Red FM




This #WorldAIDSDay, educate yourself and the ones around you. #ShedSomeLight on AIDS awareness.#KnowYourStatus #Crompton #CromptonLighting

Posted by Crompton on Friday, 30 November 2018

Which World AIDS Day 2018 Campaign was your favourite? Or did we miss out on it? Let us know in the comments below.