Clinique India’s We Hear You ft Instagram influencers rakes mixed reviews

Clinique India digital campaign We Hear You

Clinique India’s ‘We Hear You’ seeks to celebrate independent and beautiful women; experts share their take on whether the campaign rings the right note.

For TV presenter and Youtuber Leeza Mangaldas, skin care has always been more important than make-up. Meanwhile, being unafraid is beautiful feels Stand up comedian and makeup enthusiast Supriya Joshi. Mangaldas and Joshi along with Teena Singh and Lisa Mishra feature in Clinique India digital campaign We Hear You where the brand asked the women about finding the right attitude, direction and foundation to be #EvenBetter.

About the campaign

Produced by Supari Studios, the video shows the four influencers candidly talking about what beauty means to them simultaneously describing the role that Clinique’s Even Better products play in their lives. They put together a series of films that offer viewers a glimpse into each influencer’s personality.

In between all the objectification and constant judgments towards facial features and the looks, today’s woman is more concerned about her appearance and how she presents herself in the crowd. While taking all this into cognisance, beauty brands are opting to preach what real beauty is and how to preserve and identify it while subtly integrating the product in the communication.  

The YouTube video has garnered 211k views and is shared by the influencers on their personal Instagram and Facebook profiles.

The Director’s Cut

The aim of the film was to celebrate the diversity of smart, independent Indian women and at the same time highlighting that the brand caters to over 50 types of different skin tones.

Sameer Ghauri, Director of the film said, “Our goal was to keep the tone of the films honest and real, complemented by clean and elegant visuals that are crisply edited to music handpicked to pair with each lady’s distinct personality. The colour tone of each film was also meticulously chosen to complement the different skin tones of our influencers.”

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With the campaign, Supari Studios wanted to focus on the tagline ‘Even Better’ by bringing out the strong personalities of each of the influencers and how they don’t like to settle in life, just like the Even Better foundation. According to Mitali Sharma, Executive Producer, Supari Studios the ad campaign tried to encapsulate a piece of the influencers’ life into the films by throwing in some minimal props that gave a suggestion of their profession.

The brand extended #WeHearYou with an influencer outreach initiative featuring paid partnerships with influencers such as Aashna Shroff and Ankita of Corallista.

Experts Take:

Diana Fernando, Account Manager, Gozoop

For a consumer who watches the campaign video for the first time, he/she is bound to be super confused. There’s so much online content available today that consumers have no time to rewind and watch something if they don’t understand it at once. Were they promoting a new range with the name ‘Even Better’ or were they telling women that they can be even better?

After watching all the videos I realised, they were actually trying to marry the product range and the thought of being even better but failed in doing so. Keeping the insight and thought at the forefront would have grabbed more eyeballs and curbed the confusion instead of pushing the product so hard. The choice of influencers seems to be good. They’re simple yet ambitious women with very good to decent social following.

Prateek N Kumar, CEO & MD, NeoNiche Integrated Solutions

Clinique’s even better product campaign brings 4 very distinct influences to tell the story of modern Era Indian women who are independent. The campaign “We hear you” is able to create the distinction with the choice of music, background, and moods. However, would have liked a more distinct choice of influencers apart from the 4 already captured in the campaign to bring in emotional connect with different demographics, geographical market, and ethnicity.