Instagram to let users post same content across multiple accounts simultaneously

Instagram multiple accounts posting

Instagram launched a new feature allowing users operating multiple accounts to post a piece of content across the feeds of these accounts at the same time.

The Instagram multiple accounts posting feature is only available on iOS, as of now. When you share a new post you would see a new option saying “Post to Other Accounts” with a drop-down list of all your accounts logged in, letting you choose, which accounts you’d like to post on.

Influencers, creators, and users holding multiple accounts, business or otherwise would have a hassle-free process, as adding captions and numerous tags, multiple times can be frustrating.


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Initially, users would have to manually post it across different accounts or use a third-party app, in the past, to post the same piece of content.

Reports of Instagram testing a new feature which would let users share a post across feeds had been floating around but the platform denied all such reports.

The new feature would be helpful for creators, influencers and business accounts. The feed for the users may go both ways; either they would be exposed to unseen and new content or their feed would become generic with the same content seen multiple accounts.