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A look at all the categories of Social Samosa's Indian Agency Awards for a better understanding of where your agency fits best.

It takes an army hardworking individuals to create the one video the world loved or the topical creative that went viral. Yes, an army.

As dramatic as it sounds, an agency is truly the place where the magic happens and these magicians deserve to be lauded for their talent, consistent efforts, and will to go beyond the normal! In its efforts to acknowledge and appreciate the work done by the Indian agencies, Social Samosa launched Indian Agency Awards (IAA).

With entries for IAA now open, its time claim the fame! The entries for IAA will be judged by an esteemed jury panel, who will evaluate each entry basis the work done by them in 2018 against set parameters.

To give a perfect snapshot of the work done by your agency, it is imperative to understand which category to nominate it. Take a look at the categories below:

Agency Awards – Gold + Silver

  1. Performance Marketing Agency of the Year

Performance marketing being specific result oriented, proves to be a tricky concept. Agencies that ace in Performance should be nominated in this category.

  1. Digital Agency of the Year

If your agency aces in the dynamic world of digital marketing this category is for you.

  1. Media Agency of the Year

Allocating right spends to the right medium is the trick of the trade; agencies that have mastered this practice nominate here.

  1. Creative Agency of the Year

Creating a communication piece that overcomes the hurdles of clutter and dwindling attention span creatively? We’re looking for you!

  1. Social Media Agency of the year

Agencies that understand the length and breadth of social media platform in reference to their marketing potential.

  1. Specialist Agency of the Year

Ace working with the OTT sector or BFSI, maybe? Your specialty could be sector oriented or genre (influencer marketing, performance marketing, content marketing, etc); this is where your agency gets awarded for the expertise.

  1. Mobile Marketing Agency of the year

Do you own the users’ favourite screen with smart marketing tactics? This one’s for you.

  1. Integrated Marketing Agency of the year

Agencies that master various aspects of digital marketing (content marketing, influencer marketing, creative solutions, SEO, performance, and more) to offer holistic solutions for their clients.

  1. Content marketing agency of the year

For agencies that create purpose-driven content, publish and distribute it to the right audience for maximum results.

  1. Influencer Marketing Agency of the year

The impact of influencer marketing is proved time and again. The agencies excelling in this domain to be nominated here.

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  1. SEO Agency of the Year

We all love a good Google rank! SEO agencies do that and way more; here is your chance to shine.

  1. Digital PR Agency of the Year

“A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad” Richard Branson. Your agency takes pride in getting coverage across the length and breadth of internet? This is your category.

  1. Network Agency of the year

Spot on work, right on targets, and always well within deadlines – if your agency is the best within your parent network, please nominate here.

  1. Independent Agency of the year

In the background of disruptive consolidation, making it as an independent entity is tough. If the agency has managed to achieve this, nominate here.

  1. Agency Network of the Year

Agency network that is focused on offering every aspect of marketing with a family of individual entities, banded together with business support, guidance, and leadership.

  1. Ad Network of the Year

Agencies that understand the art of offering the right combination of mediums to a given brand, will be awarded under this category.

  1. Agency of the Year – North

Agency that has dominated the region with exceptional work.

  1. Agency of the Year – South

This category is for the agencies that have done outstanding work in the South market.

  1. Agency of the Year – West

Boast of path-breaking work in the Western part of India? Nominate here.

  1. Agency of the Year – East

This category is for agencies that have done great work in the Eastern markets.

  1. Thriving Agency Culture

For agencies that take pride in an equal, secure, comfortable, and growth conducive work culture.

  1. Rising Star of the Year

For agencies that have managed to create a mark for themselves within five years or less of being establish.

  1. Disruptive Agency of the Year

Agencies that have managed to disrupt the marketing space with innovative ideas that created no norms and helped the client grow.

  1. Monumental Agency of the Year

Agencies that created works that created an historic impact.

  1. Buzzing Agency of the Year

Agencies that managed to create buzz around their client across social media platforms, galloping over hurdles of limited organic reach.

Individual Awards

  1. Agency Head of the year/CEO – Network/Independent/Creative/Performance/Specialist

Individual that has managed to take their agency in new direction, while ensuring growth, knowledge sharing, and growth management.

  1. HR Person of the year

If you want to keep the consumers outside the company happy, you need to keep the consumers within the company satisfied. This award is for HR professionals who ensure a healthy work culture.

  1. Young Achiever of the year

For individuals who have created a mark in the industry before hitting the 30 years milestone.

  1. Network Head of the year

This category is for individuals who ensure the growth of the network in the right direction.

  1. Digital Marketing Person of the year

For individuals who dominated the field of digital marketing with work that goes beyond the traditional definition of the medium.

  1. BD person of the year

In this cluttered environment, a pitch isn’t enough. It takes the promise to deliver that, resourceful Business Development individuals who strive hard.

  1. Media Planner of the year

This category is for individuals who understand the qualms of money management and ensure that the client’s money is invested in the right medium in right proportions.

  1. Content Marketing person of the year

For industry professionals who not only understand the power of content marketing but apply it in a manner so as to leverage the concept to an optimum level.

  1. Analyst of the year

Profiles that analyze the impact of a client’s marketing tactics to derive data points that help in understanding and predicting user behavior.

  1. Strategist of the year

Individuals who take into account data to derive a marketing strategy which is in line with the users’ needs.

  1. Creative Person of the year

This award is for professionals who re-define age old rules with creative strokes of their work.

  1. Account Director of the Year

Account Directors that have managed to bridge the client-agency relationship into a seamless one.

  1. Social Media Person of the Year

The person who has been bold in their thoughts, strong in their opinion, and true to their words across social media platforms.

  1. Influencer Marketing Person of the Year

For professionals that understand the concept of influencer marketing and apply it to help brands create an engaged community of loyalists.

Where does your agency fit? Pick the apt categories and apply now. Nominations for individuals open here. Nominations for agencies open here. Stay tuned in for more updates around IAA.

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