Twitter restores reverse-chronological feed on Android

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Twitter sparkle feature

Twitter users on Android can now tap on a sparkle button and switch between the most recent tweets and the most popular tweets.

The Twitter sparkle feature was made available to iOS in December, 2018.

Twitter, during the times when they were skeptical about best format for feed, had been urging users to try  best tweets. The best tweets shown were compiled from algorithms based on the accounts most engaged with and most interacted with or most liked tweets.

The platform had and is still facing backlash for pushing top tweets on the users. A lot of feedback has been given to the platform by its users like - they can't know what the users like, certainly not by basing it on algorithms; latest tweets is what the users want as Twitter is more of a platform to know what's happening now and less of what's the best thing now.



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Though, the option would suffice both kinds of users - ones who want to see top tweets and the ones who want to see the latest tweets.

Although, what the users really want is an edit button and set the latest tweets to default. Numerous users have tweeted that they want an edit button, so probably it would be next on Twitter's list of features to launch.

Twitter recently had also been testing speech bubbles, status updates, and more.

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