Why the world liked an Egg on Instagram?

Mrinil Mathur
Jan 18, 2019 02:41 IST
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So what's the hype around making a world record with a stock picture of an egg as the most liked picture on Instagram? What made 46 million+ people like an egg?

All this while the Internet was dominated by the Jenners, Kardashians, and Ronaldos of the world. And after a long time, an egg has poached the title of the most liked image on Instagram.

On January 4th, an anonymous Instagram account @world_record_egg shared a picture of an egg and urged Instagrammers to like the picture to win the title. Something that might sound stupid at first has broken all the records. Well, the Internet is a happy place, and instances like these are the proof. We have seen Chicken Nuggets and Half Onion attempting to create a mark earlier, but definitely, there is something that worked well for the egg.

1. No to Jenner

The first photo shared by Kylie Jenner featuring her daughter Stormi, garnered around 18.5 million likes ever since it was posted and most people who liked the egg's picture wanted to break this record. Fighting to break Jenner's record turned out to be a blessing for the egg.

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my angel baby is 1 month old today

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2. Quest to Attention

Amidst spam messages, memes, and celebrity pictures, a stock picture won the title by directly asking for likes. The caption read "Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this"

The account was plain honest while asking for likes and the reason behind it. If you want something, ask for it and the Internet is there to support you. Next, in line, we have a 'chai' competing for the title.

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3. Because it is in

We Internet users, like to latch on the ongoing trend, most of us liked and promoted the picture because our peers were doing so, and they did, because of their peers, and this is an infectious loop.

4. It's fun doing stupid stuff on the Internet

We keep seeing silly challenges gaining the virality, and liking the picture of a random meaningless egg was just like that.

5. The Meme Generation habit

There are accounts that share the same picture each day and still garner followers and engagement.

The images are generic stock images and highlights that the meme and content these days need not be out of the world, but should be simple to hit the right cord.

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6. Right Marketing Engine

Giving the creator of the account some credits, the marketing game was on point. From involving the best of the influencers to a plain honest caption to using the right image to tagging the right publications, the creator planned the activity well.

The egg is a simple plain thing and can be mapped to anything. Brands and individuals across the world have latched on the trend and created buzz around the famous egg. Post the achievement, the account now sells official merchandise of the egg ( using the engagement in the right direction). Like merchandising, the Egg Gang account can produce more content in the future, and use the reach/clout to help Brands achieve amplification objectives in a creative way.

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