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Agency Feature Grapevine Media

Who are we?

We’re a team of talented young individuals who come together everyday, delivering solutions for our clients. Started in 2015 by two college friends helping out independent musicians to promote themselves, Grapevine is now a team of motivated individuals, working for brands and corporates.

What's in the name?

Which one’s more fun - a formal communication, or an informal ‘grapevine’?

What we do?

Our forte lies in having a solution centric approach. We majorly work under 3 verticals - creative designing, digital marketing and web development.

Our Team

Agency Feature Grapevine Media

Why we do it?

Once an agency man, always an agency man! We love the thrill of working with brands from various industries. A new challenge everyday is a new opportunity to learn and build our skillset. Marketeers move the world.

How we evolve?

We evolve with every challenge, every success, every failure, and ofcourse - mistakes. We’ve matured from an ‘infant’ to a budding agency within a short span, and nothing has come without challenges. With every challenge that we’ve overcome, we’ve evolved.

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Social responsibility in social media

As an agency, we believe in being morally responsive by being realistic about what we can achieve and painting an honest picture to our stakeholders and in terms of our transactions.

Need of the hour

In this time and age, when everything is going online, the need of the hour is privacy and information-sharing. Regulation is a necessity.

We learned the hard way

1. Keeping the team motivated and tuned in is important. Specially for a young agency in an almost fragmented industry like advertising.

2. Business partnerships and strategic alliances should be thoroughly analyzed before going ahead.

Did we just share that?

Nothing from the top of our minds.

They work with us

Britannia, Chai Peeni Hai, Dayal Opticals, The Monk, Geetanjali Salons, Armaan Malik.

Industry as we foresee

It is a constantly changing industry and changing at a fast pace. From where we see it, an optimal combination of a good offline and online campaign would result in a well-integrated success story. The Omni-channel shall grow.

A day without Internet

Do you recall the scene from Interstellar where they land on Miller’s planet and every hour for them is equivalent to 7 years on Earth? That’s what we would feel like.

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