YouTube is testing an Instagram like Explore feature

YouTube Explore

YouTube is testing a feature to improve recommendations and help viewers find relevant content based on their history. YouTube Explore is touted to be on the lines of Instagram’s explore. 

The new feature would also come in with ‘On The Rise’, recommendations of small and budding creators. YouTube has a huge flock of creators, many of which are established and gain high engagement because of the goodwill earned among their viewers.

This leaves out less space for new and budding creators. On The Rise, the new feature would advocate the growth of such creators.

The feature is being tested on iOS, Android, and web and with 1% of iPhone users. A full-scale roll-out might be executed after gaining feedback and making improved changes.

YouTube recently also improved recommendations to tackle clickbait and borderline content with improved analytics of users’ viewing habits and reducing the spread of videos violating their community guidelines.

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Improved recommendations help viewers find relevant content and stay on the app longer. Recent efforts by YouTube seem to be directed towards this motive.

Users complained about getting endless generic recommendations similar to a thing they searched for once. The Explore feature might tackle this problem too.


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