YouTube is discussing options to prevent misuse of dislike button

YouTube Dislike Button

YouTube dislike button allowing users to provide feedback to creators if they don’t like the video, is being abused and YouTube is finding options to prevent it.

“Dislike mob” get together to target a video and dislike it for unknown reasons. Such actions would bother the creators as it harms their reputation and ruins the authenticity of the feedback received on the quality of the content.

Currently, YouTube is not fixed on taking a particular step and is not in the testing phase too. They are discussing options to test them out.

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YouTube may ask a viewer for more feedback or provide a checklist of options for the user to elaborate further on why the video was disliked.

Presently, YouTube shows the count of likes and dislikes by default; they are considering options to not show the count by default. More options being considered are not showing the dislike count or getting rid of the dislike button completely.

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