Agency Feature: Grassroot Design

Grassroot Design

Who are we?

We at Grassroot Design create experiences which help the business grow. We are a design agency based out of Mumbai, India that provides designing, user research, and branding based services. With a Data-driven approach and a stronghold over technology, we strive to create designs that speak accurately for brands. Our ideas are immensely inspired by research and we strategize design solutions that deliver the desired business outcomes. We fulfill all requirements pertaining to branding and design for online interfaces as well as offline spaces.

Our Team

Grassroot Design

What’s in the name?

Identifying design as a very fundamental aspect of life, the brand name has been carefully placed to emphasise the importance of design in today’s world. The word Grassroot which is synonymous to the word base level or fundamental has a two-fold idea. One to state directly that design is integral to everything we see around us. Whereas the second idea is to establish the concept of how root level ideas can be grown into developing grass level design. Complemented by the design, the logo itself summarises how root level ideas once planted with us can grow into nourishing plants of design. And the branches represent our variability in terms of our design we cater to. Branding & Communications, Logo Design, UI/UX for Website and App, Packaging Design, Space Design, Digital, and Offline Creatives and Digital Marketing are our specialties.

The colour code of white and black is consistent with our theme of simplicity and minimalism and is echoed through all our works. We carefully curated the entire concept of keeping green as our third color to promote flourishing ideas with changing times.

What do we do?

We believe the world needs better design, and want to see better user experience in every Industry. We help brands create an elevated experience for their customers with an aim to communicate effectively and interestingly. Be it UX/UI for Interfaces, Branding, Packaging, Social Media, designing creatives for an event, Usability testing with real-time users, designing for retail and spaces or even digital marketing, we help our clients in every possible way to deliver a great experience and meet the business objectives.

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Why we do it?

The seed of Grassroot was planted for the love of design. From just a lawn of ideas, we are trying to grow a forest of designs. And keeping in mind the dynamism this whole field demands, we not only cater to the needs of our clients but make the design more accessible and comprehensible. A perfect amalgamation of ideas, skills and technology with changing market needs resulted in a very fundamental need for Grassroot Design. We as a company, constantly try to aware businesses of the power of design strategy. We are here to create seamless experiences that brands can pass on to their customers.

How we evolve?

We came to the picture once digital media became a platform to be recognised by the audience. Grassroots started with a well-defined structure of how digital media functions. Be it any platform, we grew up interacting on social media as users. And once Grassroot came into the picture, we were dealing with the same audience of which we were a part once. Evidently, it wasn’t too difficult to cater to the needs of the audience once you put yourself in their position.

With recent advances in digital media, understanding the audience’s views became quite relevant and easy for us with careful and detailed research about the rapidly changing trends. Blogs, newspaper and advertisements, news channel, feedback forms, visiting places, interacting with people and media of all sorts are analysed and brainstormed through and through-out for every project we put up. We put a lot of emphasis on understanding what the client wants and what is trending in the market. Thereby, finding a perfect balance to make both the ends meet.

And finally, optimisation is done with precise curation of thoughts. We evolve as time progresses. We evolve with the changing demands of the market. And we evolve with a vision to do something new and not be a repetitive part of the trend but rather innovate our way through. As with the evolution of any kind, we adapt and reproduce the changing demands with dedicated research and committed effort.

Social responsibility in social media

As an agency, we do realize what we communicate and how we communicate is intended at creating an impact and passing on a message. So we plan and interact responsibly with an aim to create awareness and be a positive influence to our audience.

The need of the hour

Well, our focus is that our audience gets the same consistent experience that develops a more reliable, trustworthy identity for your company. Besides, we refrain from posting defamatory or derogatory content that implies illegal conduct and takes care that no sentiments are hurt.

We learned the hard way

Yes, we did! And we still are. It’s not very easy to start off on your own with a limited budget/resources and huge competition.

Our major takeaway is that the key is to build a great experience for users that help the brand meet its business objectives also. Once you have delivered this, you have the clients’ trust and that makes the road ahead easier. We are very grateful for the kind of people we have been lucky to have around us and who have trusted us and given us great projects. And of course, we are equally thankful to our team who has been able to justify the quality of the work that we deliver.

Also, social media has been a great helping hand in expanding our reach and communicating our brand in the market.

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Did we just share that?

Oh, thankfully this has not happened to us yet! And we’re hoping it does not.

They work with us

SINE, IIT Bombay
NVO Logistic
OTO Capital
WHR Health
World of Waffle
Fiaba Weddings
& many more

The industry as we foresee

With recent prominence of search engines and media optimisation, algorithms are continuously changing at the back end. Whereas the growing media awareness among the mass and ease of accessibility to an array of customised desires are evolving the market at the front end. Studying these two ends can help you plot a rough graph of the trend. But only time can help prove your conviction right.

To make a more sensible attempt to understand what is to come in recent times, we must keep ourselves open to every change time throws our way. Innovation and optimisation are the keywords to keep up with whatever time brings along.

Personally, we believe with more awareness among our audience, thought-driven and concept oriented designs will flourish in times to come. Our youth being outspoken, brave and independent will demand authenticity in terms of services. Overality will be a key feature where you provide end to end service in a minimum time all the while being approachable and affordable for the prospects.
With an open mind and passionate heart, we are ready to create our version of the future for all rather than falling into a pattern of one that already exists.

A day without Internet

Impossible! Our world would come to a standstill. Our days start and end with the internet, there is nothing we can think of without it.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are.

We are always looking for new saplings to join our team. Currently, we have an opening is for UX/UI and Graphic designer freshers. Interested candidates can send in their resume along with portfolio on