#MujheSabNahiPata: All Out attempts to make Tough Moms legacy work yet again

All Out campaign review

After garnering eyaballs for their ‘Tough Moms’ campaign last year, All Out has set out to celebrate the tough mom who doesn’t know everything with #MujheSabnahiPata.

You are a mother, you must know everything. And it takes a tough Mom to say #MuhjheSabNahiPata, formed the insight of All Out India’s recently launched campaign that intends to break the notion around mothers being a child’s encyclopedia.  In a society where mothers are revered for being perfect and all knowing, the campaign celebrates mothers who are tough enough to acknowledge that they don’t know everything.

Campaign Objective

Through #IDidntKnow, All Out aims to create a community of mothers where they can share anecdotes from their lives because one mother’s defeat can prepare a thousand to be more vigilant.

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While taking a stand for mothers in India, the company’s mission is to also raise awareness of the threat of dengue and support these tough moms in their journey to protect the next generation.

About #MujheSabNahiPata

In the four minutes long film directed by Shoojit Sircar, a mother describes how societal pressures made her believe that she knows how to protect her child. But as her son is treated in the hospital for dengue, she realizes she didn’t know that her own home could become a breeding ground for dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

The campaign has garnered 58 million views and two lakh shares along with 935 K reactions with people commenting to only praise and love the thought behind the campaign.

The Director’s cut

Giving big hits like Piku and Pink, acclaimed filmmaker Shoojit Sircar is a much-celebrated ad man too. After directing All Out’s earlier campaign #StandByToughMoms last year, Sircar has lent his vision for the mosquito repellant brand this time too.

Last year, in February All Out, BBDO India and Shoojit Sircar narrated the story of Tough Mom who is bound to take stringent actions when her kid commits a serious mistake. And she refuses to back off even when her in-laws bad mouth about her to death because sometimes its good to be tough. The campaign was an immediate hit with 82 M views and 3 lakh shares on Facebook.

Although what sparked conversations around was the brand connect. In a quest to ring the right emotional note within the consumers that brand went onto weave a story no less than a short film- beautifully scripted, well shot and on point acting. But amidst the Tough Mom and her day to day challenges the brand somehow tends to lose its spot.

Experts Take:

Neeraj Sancheti, CEO, Kreativ Street

This All Out Ad is absolutely beautiful and what immediately comes to my mind after seeing this ad is ‘Ek se bhale do aur do se bhale chaar’  which when translated into this campaign’s context means – ‘One mother might not know everything but together they know everything’. This campaign also sets the tone of the All Out’s vision to make a community for the brand.

The message is loud and clear of mothers coming together and helping each other. The brand integration is also powerful and directly connects the brand’s proposition of ‘It’s good to be tough’ to the campaign narrative.

Hiloni Punatar, CEO & Founder, WebShakers

Firstly, this campaign is really well scripted and presented. Kudos to the acting done by ‘Kirti.’

This video gives an insight into the societal expectations of a mother. There is an innate need for her to know everything even if she’s a mother for the very first time. It takes immense courage and honesty to tell that does not know everything about being a mother and there are so many aspects of motherhood that she would only learn with experience. This campaign not only touches the emotion of people but also gives a very clear brand message from All Out and addresses a horrible problem like dengue and how it happens right under our noses.

Sowmya Iyer, CEO & Founder of DViO Digital

#MujheSabNahinPata definitely struck a chord with me as it landed with some great insight, being a mother, and I’m sure it was heard by mothers all around who had no idea what they are doing when they first started out.

It has all the ingredients for a great digital-first campaign – wonderful storytelling, it definitely is a great place for women to share their stories, and as a mom it makes me come out with my experiences. The only inkling I’ve had with this campaign and the way the story is told is that when you look at it from a certain point of view it brings about certain emotions and it’s almost borderline manipulative. It may be a true story, but for a brand to assume this sort of heart-wrenching storytelling , is it manipulating the consumer’s emotions? I feel that is something the brand must ask themselves.