#Infographic: 5 Types of Social Content that your followers will love

social content

Content is the crowned head on social media. But what type of content should go on your business account is a puzzled thought, for which many aspects need to be taken into account .

The world’s population as of January 2019 is 7.7 billion out of which, 4.2 billion people are internet users. 3.397 billion among these internet users are also active social media users and each person has an average of 5.54 social media accounts, as accounted by Brandwatch.

With such a massive audience ready to consume your content, the only thought worrying you, should be what kind of content to post.

Digital Marketing has become a cluttered space now. 91% of retail brands use two or more social media platforms and 81% of small and medium businesses use at least some kind of social media platform.

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With almost all of businesses having a digital presence, finding your space and standing out in the crowd is a must. For your audience to actually lean in and invest in the product you’re promoting, your content should also suffice that standard and not “just” gain engagement in the form of likes and views.

As 93% of businesses gain a new customer due to a video posted on social media, with the right content, gaining a customer is easy-breezy. But, so is losing a customer, as 51% of people would unfollow brands on social media if they find the content being posted to be irritating, as reported by Statusbrew.

90% of social media users try to reach out to brands or retailers. So you can be assured that the right content will help you attain the desired results.

You can either use all 5 types of content shown in the infographic for a diverse content strategy or choose few and weave it around your social media campaigns in accordance with your brand strategy.
Glance on the following infographic assembled by Chrissy Ghio, to build a top-notch content strategy.

social content