Pizza Hut’s Abhinandan to the Bravehearts faces backlash

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s latest creative, thanking the Bravehearts of the nation followed by a gesture of giving away a free pizza to anyone with the same name as Abhinandan is stirring backlash for touching a sensitive topic and using it for promotional activities.

For the unacquainted Abhinandan Varthaman, a wing-commander in the Indian Air Force was held in captivity in Pakistan during the India-Pakistan standoff, after his aircraft was shot down in an aerial fight.

While all the Abhinandans of the country are thanking them, one half of the audience sees this as an empathetic gesture, the other half sees it as opportunism on the brand’s path.

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Shubhendu Jha, Head of Client Services & Co-Founder, NameWeBeeSocial on his LinkedIn post stated, “With due respect the to braveheart and all the heroes who keep us safe – I dont find this particular ad from Pizza Hut amusing. Cashing in on this particular person is not cool. Some of you might say this is their way of paying a tribute but I dont think our IAF hero should be used for an #instagram story ad which offers a freebie as a promotional offer”.