SUGAR Cosmetics asserts the thought of #MySkinMyChoice

Social Samosa
Mar 05, 2019 07:11 IST

SUGAR Cosmetics launched a digital video commercial, around the time of Women’s Day, highlighting the essence of the brand which is to be comfortable in your own skin.

The video talks about real-life struggles around skin tone that almost all women have faced at some point in time in their lives. It is a rebellion against the archaic narrow thoughts of people who sit back and pass judgments on the basis of colour.


The opinions featured in the video are a true representation of what the brand’s core target group shared after weeks of first-hand research with audience segments from households to schools, colleges, workplaces and other walks of life. Through this campaign, SUGAR Cosmetics encourages its audience to defy societal jibes that attempt to stereotype women into pre-defined beauty standards and urges them to be comfortable and revel in their own true skin.

Speaking about the campaign, Vineeta Singh, CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics says, “Every woman, including me, has faced judgements with regards to skin tone, at least once in her lifetime. From facing criticism on having a deeper complexion to a mindset that places fairer skin as an asset, women all over India have felt insecure about their colour and wish to be of a fairer complexion. It’s also become a common sight to see makeup ranges that lack diversity for the wide spectrum of Indian skin tones and undertones, forcing women with deeper tones to use products that don’t suit them. This is exactly the issue that we wanted to address through our #MySkinMyChoice Campaign where we want women to be comfortable and in love with their own skin tone and have access to products that perfectly suit their skin colour. Keeping this in mind we have announced our bestselling Ace of Face Foundation Sticks - which now comes in 22 shades that are specifically suited to Indian skin tones and undertones.”

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Adding to this, Amrita Shinde, Marketing Head, SUGAR Cosmetics said, “Given the core aim of this campaign in mind, we wanted to portray very real-life experiences that are relatable to every woman. To achieve this in the most authentic way – we held focus group discussions with 50+ women who shared their personal experiences on judgements, pressures, questions and comments they faced about their skin tones and suggestions given by people on how to protect their skin from getting darker. After listing these real-life instances, we highlighted the ones which were the most commonly faced, through a vote. Basis this we established 6 judgements and 6 strong redemptions from women defying these pressures in a conclusion that builds up to our key message for this Women’s Day - that all of us love and own our skin tones and nobody can take that away from us.”

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