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Inclick Track

About the tool!

Inclick Track is a Social Media Analytics and Reporting tool that helps you understand your brand’s marketing efforts through AI-Powered data across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Inclick Track not only provides you with essential tools, summations, and accurately calculated figures that can help you make swift decisions and changes to your own brand’s strategies but also helps you analyze your competitor’s Social Media Strategies very quickly. We are on a mission to make Social Media Reporting a one-click process.

Who founded the product/company?

Inclick was started by Siddhant Minocha in 2016 after he dropped out from his college. It was initially a basic Twitter Listening tool with a focus on businesses’ increasing needs for listening. Inclick was awarded the Startup Inspire award in 2016 by the then CM of Rajasthan, Ms. Vasundhara Raje, with a seed-money of INR 1 Lakh. Inclick has also been awarded the title of Hot 100 Technology Startups by the Centre of Recognition & Excellence in 2017.

Currently, Inclick is incubated under the Rajasthan Govt.’s program for Startups called iStart and is an authorized Facebook Technology Solution Provider.  

What platforms does it cover?

Inclick Track provides detailed analytics across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. It provides over 50 data points on competitors (the brands you don’t own).  For owned brands, there are additional data points for Facebook and Instagram. Inclick Track also offers a complete analysis of Instagram Stories from a marketer’s perspective.

Features of the tool?

Inclick Track has been crafted keeping in mind both the core, as well as advanced, digital marketing requirements from an Agency’s point of view. It brings together our expertise in advanced technologies and finesse in Social Media Analytics.

With Inclick Track, users can track what their competitors are doing across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and that too on a very interactive and user-friendly dashboard. Trust us, even we hate jargons!

Inclick Track provides over 50 data points for competitors. It is one of the most detailed and accurate Competitive Platform out there! Agencies who manage and create reports for multiple clients at once have reduced their workload by over 85% with Inclick Track.

For an Agency’s owned clients, it provides very detailed insights that have been created with active feedback from the current customers. These insights include Interaction Rate, Page Engagement Rate, Post Engagement Rate, etc.

Inclick’s PPT reporting engine is one of the most advanced engine available. It creates a report of over 30 slides including Fan Growth, Month on Month Analysis, Content Analysis, and Much more in just one click and thirty seconds.

We also include datapoints as per our clients’ requirements. So for eg., if an agency has a specific data point that they have to include in PPT, we can easily automate that implementation in the PPT.

Instagram Stories is becoming really important for brands so we have created a great dashboard for just that, too! There are also separate reports for Instagram Stories. There’s no limit on the expiry of the data, so unlike Instagram Analytics, you can access your brand’s stories data even after the 14 day’s window.

With the help of Inclick Track’s one-click comparison, you can easily compare all brands in the industry and see where your brand stands.

Inclick Track also comes with a very interesting Search Feature for content creators. Content Creators can see what other brands are posting about a topic or event. It is extremely useful when there’s a festival coming up and creators are running out of ideas.

Any brand can be added on Inclick Track and data is made available in just 10 minutes for all four networks.

We take pride in telling that the accuracy of our data is 99%.

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What analytics support does the tool provide?

  • Covers over 50 Data Points for Competitors like Growth, Content Analysis, Share of Volume, WordCloud, Post Types, Engaging Days, and more across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.
  • Covers over 30 more Data Points for Owned Brands like Reach, Impressions, Paid Reach & Impressions, and some advanced KPIs like Interaction Rate, Engagement Rate, Page Posts Engagement Rate, etc. for Facebook and Instagram.
  • There’s a separate module for Instagram Stories that provides important metrics like Views, Taps Forward, Taps Backward and some advanced KPIs like Completion Rate. The best part is that data is stored in the tool so you can access it later because Instagram offers this data only for 14 days.
  • Search feature allows you to understand which industry is talking the most about a certain topic.
  • The research section on Inclick Track allows a user to dig deeper into any brand and provides all insights like they own the brand. This feature is extremely helpful when an agency is working on a new pitch and wants to create a report on the brand’s activity or it’s competitors.

Does it give an option to download reports?

Inclick Track provides detailed reporting in PPT and Excel format. The PPT generated reports are so detailed that it has over 30 slides. Every element of the PPT is easily customizable. Like some other tools, Inclick doesn’t make graphs in images format. We have integrated the native PowerPoint graphs in our slideshows so users can edit the PPT according to their client’s requirements.

Apart from PPT, Inclick Track also offers a complete XLS report with multiple filters. Inclick Track can easily reduce a team’s efforts and time because of its reporting engine.

What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?

Inclick Track doesn’t provide Sentiment Analysis because it doesn’t listen to audience conversations. It is a tool to understand how your brand is performing compared to your competitors.

What are the brands/agencies that are using this tool?

The tool is currently being used by multiple agencies of various sizes. Our agency customers range from small agencies with less than 10 members in the team to bigger agencies like Hungama Digital Services, RepIndia, etc. Inclick Track generates reports for more than 200 top brands in India every month.

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Pricing & Packages

Inclick Track is priced very moderately. Agency Packages start at just INR 15,000/Month for 20 brands and unlimited reports. We also offer a Pay-as-you-go model where agencies pay us on the number of brands they want to track per month. No Strings Attached!

We are providing a 15% discount to agencies who switch to Inclick Track before March 15th.

Road Map

We are working on a campaign reporting feature that we are planning to launch very soon. It will help agencies who work on a campaign basis to easily measure the traction of any specific campaign and compare it with campaigns from other brands.

This feature will make it really easy for marketers to understand the impact during important events like Mother’s Day or Diwali, when all brands are active and post frequently.

We follow a transparent Roadmap policy and everything that we are working on can be easily seen on our website on the Product Roadmap Section.

The Team

Inclick doesn’t have a sales team. We are a Data Science company with special expertise in Social Media Data. Our team comprises of technology experts who understand Marketing and Marketing experts who understand technology. Our team is a unique combination of martech folks and our biggest assets are passion and curiosity. We are a small team of 7 people and love challenging ourselves!

Are you hiring?

Yes! For our Jaipur office!

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