Facebook is testing a Creator Studio for Instagram

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Facebook is planning to launch Creator Studio for Instagram, for creators to manage posts, explore insights and check messages.

User can now toggle between Facebook's & Instagram's Creator Studio. Both of the tools can be found at one spot, what previously was just Facebook's Creator Studio, launched last year. This can also be seen as an encouragement to creators using either of the platforms to use both.

The tool is not rolled out on the full-scale, as not everyone has the access to the feature yet. But, you may see the option, if you have your Instagram account connected.

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The feature 'Manage Posts' would give you access to all of your content and post types from your library and see how each of your posts are performing and use filters to stay organised.

'Explore Insights' would show you metrics like accounts reached, what day & hours are your followers most active on and demographics like age and gender of your followers.

'Check Messages' would help you manage everything from one inbox, identify your top followers and reach out to them. In a recent development, Instagram is also inviting creators and influencers to test a special Creator Accounts that include features like Flexible Profile Controls, Simplified Messaging, and More Growth Tool.

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