Snapchat launches the first-ever social impact Lens Challenge, Because Of You

Paawan Sunam
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Snapchat Because Of You

Snapchat, in an initiative to support Bullying Prevention Month, has partenered with Ad Council for their campaign, Because Of You.

Along with creating filters, stickers and Snap Ads to raise to raise awareness, the platform is also launching the first of it's kind social impact Lens Challenge.

The 'Because Of You' Lens Challenge has been commenced with the motive of spreadng kindness, where the users would share an instance when someone had a positive impact on their lives.

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To engage in the 'Because Of You' Lens Challenge, after opening the app, you'd have to click on the camera screen, to activate the Lens Carousel, then tap the smiley face icon below the camera button to access Lens Challenges. You can now tap the 'Because Of You' Lens Challenge to share an example of kindness dawned on you and you also have a option to send the Snap to the 'Because Of You' Challenge Story with a chance to be featured in the app.

Additionally, you can report bullying or offensive content by flaggin it, or going to the Snapchat Safety Center, like the regular.

Because Of You, is intended to encourage Snapchat's userbase to be empathetic and kind. At a time, where hateful speech on social media is increasing at an alrming rate, Snapchat's initiative in association with Ad Council, may create a positive social impact.

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