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Who are we?

With a holistic approach to brand strategy and marketing communication, AURAA is a boutique agency providing integrated marketing solutions. Right from strategy to design, communication and execution of campaigns, their services are akin to being served a 5-course meal in a platter. An atypical agency led by thought provokers, AURAA challenges the conventional work patterns in the industry.

Launched in the year 2005 by Mala Mody, AURAA has always believed in consolidation and innovation. Providing end to end solutions stemmed as an idea, owing to the challenges that Mala faced during her job in a management position, dealing with multiple vendors for executing every single job. AURAA offers Brand Strategy, Design and Communication, Activations, Merchandise Solutions, Digital Marketing and Audio Visuals under its roof of services.

Known for an unconventional agency culture, AURAA brings innovation through operational efficiency. In an industry where creativity is the key, the agency tackles challenges like talent retention by establishing an environment where creativity and efficiency go hand in hand. Their time in motion model has been highly efficient in optimising productivity, thereby eradicating the need for late hours of work (which is considered to be a norm in the agency industry culture). AURAA believes in creating structures and processes so as to be able to drive efficiency in a free work environment.

They practice the 4 R approach, invented at AURAA, enables them to act as an extended arm to the businesses they service. This approach emphasises on 4Rs, namely Resources, Relationships, Results and Retainership, thereby ensuring value delivery.

AURAA is an extension to a business, working relentlessly as a partner, towards attaining quality and timely delivery. With excellent client retention rate, the agency handles leading brands like Axis Bank, Max Life Insurance, McCoy Architectural Systems, Yantra Window Solutions, Uncharted Trails and has worked with signature brands like Volkswagen India, Reliance Money, Destimoney, Vintage Wines Pvt. Ltd. (Reveilo) and many more.

Awarded as one of the top 10 Most Promising Integrated Marketing Communication Companies- 2019 by Silicon India, the agency intends to continue remaining a boutique agency that does not compromise on quality. It is their endeavour to continue evolving and innovating with operations as well as their client work output. The agency envisages focusing on growing their brand strategy vertical, thereby increasing the size of the agency from 25 staff members to 40.

Through its communication, AURAA aims to promote the advertising industry as paramount to a business’ enhancement. The agency also intends to inspire youth to be driven to be a part of the vibrant industry.

What's in the name?

We believe that AURAA is more than just an ad agency. It is a concept!

The common belief behind Aura is that you can feel the aura of an individual. However, there is more to this. Even a product or service can have an aura of it’s own. We wanted to create an agency that allows for the aura of our client’s offerings to be felt in the market. This gave birth to the concept of AURAA.

It represents a feeling of stability, maturity and is soothing.

Our Team


What we do?

  • Strategy
    • Brand
    • Product
    • Campaign
  • Advertising
  1. Corporate Identity and Collateral Designing
  2. Print Campaign conceptualization and design 
  3. Audio Video Presentation 
  4. Internal Communication conceptualization and design
  5. Sales and Marketing Collaterals conceptualization and design
  6. Exhibition Stall Design
  • Digital Marketing
  1. Social Media Campaigns Conceptualization and Design 
  2. Website Designing and Development 
  3. Email Marketing
  4. SMS Marketing
  5. SMO
  • Events and Exhibitions
  1. Conceptualization and Execution of Events
  2. Exhibition Stall Set-up and Fabrication
  3. Conferences
  4. Mall Activities
  5. Launch Parties
  6. Road shows
  7. Any other BTL activations
  • Merchandise Solutions

Why we do it?

Mala, the founder of AURAA, worked in an agency in the past and while she loved the work, there was always a fear that the industry culture may drive her away from the industry. During Mala’s job post the agency life as a Marketing Manager, came another challenge; dealing with multiple vendors in order to execute a single job.

This gave birth to AURAA, started with an idea of consolidation and innovation. The idea was to start an agency that provides end to end marketing solutions, thus eradicating the need to deal with multiple vendors for a campaign.

Also, in an industry where creativity is the key, there was a loss of talent due to agency culture of working late nights. AURAA is all about changing this by bringing together innovation and operational efficiency. The basic idea is clear, challenge the conventions and create an organisation where in creativity and efficiency go hand in hand.

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How we evolve?

AURAA is built around the principle of challenging the conventional and continuously working towards innovating what we do and how do we do it. We are always on the lookout for innovative products in the market and our think tank always looks at ways to use this for these innovations for our client needs. Besides, we don’t stop just at this. We always work towards bringing in the latest ideas and innovations to help us operate more efficiently. This ultimately results in our clients getting quality jobs with quick turnaround times.

Social responsibility in social media

With social media, everything that is done now reaches are wider audience and quickly. With the positives that this medium brings, there is a need for care in everything an agency does. Our 4 points of Quality ensure everything from research to execution is governed and only the final product, which is as per client expectations and have met all of AURAA’s internal checks go out. In AURAA’s history, we have never had to recall an artwork file or retract a post, caused due to an error.

Need of the hour

Social networking laws are not properly drafted yet. Things we consider that need to be taken care of from our experience.

We learned the hard way

When it comes to learning the hard way, AURAA has always worked on a reverse philosophy, learn from those who have learnt the hard way. Our management continuously strives towards analyzing what happens in the industry, as well as in other industries throughout the world. While best practices from the industry and also across the world are adopted, mistakes made by others are avoided.

Tip: Don’t wait to make an error. Learn from the error’s others make and minimize your chances of being the company that makes mistakes other’s learn from.

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Did we just share that?

In the agency culture, we always come across one liners that only the people of the industry can relate to and have a good laugh at. Some of this one liners are:

  1. This is perfect. Now can you make the following changes
  2. This has the functional route we always wanted but lacks emotion
  3. It’s just an artwork. 10 minutes is all you need to release it
  4. I want the best. I don’t have a budget. Show your magic
  5. Budget wise, sky is the limit on this project. Give us something nice and cheap

They work with us

Axis Bank

Max Life Insurance

McCoy Architectural Systems

Yantra Window Solutions

Uncharted Trails

Mickey Foreign Exchange Pvt. Ltd

Industry as we foresee

AURAA firmly believes that the industry’s dependence on Social Media is on the rise and will continue to go on the same trajectory for years to come. The ability to reach a wider audience, specific targeting to communicate with your target audience and enhanced reporting ensures transparency and for an agency, means nowhere to hide, something that works perfectly for us as an organization.

The world is online, organisations are getting there and in the near future, you will see more conventional medium servicing agencies moving into this space too.

A day without Internet

A day without internet is like living a day without a backbone, not just for us as an agency, but for all our clients too. Communication stops, learning stops, sharing of files stop. For an organization that is ever reliant on technology to drive innovation, technology and an internet connection is extremely important for us to function like a well-oiled machine.

Oh! And all the ordering of food from Swiggy and Zomato stops too. Now, cant live without food, can we?

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