Agency Feature: The P.O. Box

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May 15, 2019 02:10 IST
The P.O. Box

Who are we?

The P.O. Box is a new age experience design agency that also designs limited edition collection of curated handpicked products, stories and experiences to celebrate our deepest emotions crafted by a community of artists, makers, doers, dreamers, and brands.

What's in the name?

The P.O.Box, although sounds like The Post box, actually stands or Perspective Outside of the box.

Challenging the conventional, TheP.O.Box aims at thinking and designing creative solutions that fit outside of the box.

What we do?

A new age agency that enhances brands, The P.O.Box  is a creative wing of Vamos digital that also designs collectives around curated experiences, stories and products designed to celebrate our deepest emotions.

Why we do it?

The lack of meaningful options while shopping for my clients got me thinking about designing and curating products and services with a lot more soul in them. The P.O.Box integrates art, design and storytelling to bring a theme to life.

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How we evolve?

As technology evolves every day and there’s a constant fight for better ad spots, we enhance experiences making offline touch points of a brand with their customers constantly special.

Social responsibility in social media

By identifying very gifted selfless individuals who are working tirelessly for social good and we enjoy spreading their word through our collections. Alongside, we try to rope in ethical brands and brands that practice fair trade in our collectives or source from them in case of manufacturing.

Need of the hour

In an increasingly overcrowded market where our lives revolve around our digital consumption, we believe that it is important to stand out via creativity, design, curation, and storytelling and that’s what we strive to do with all of our work at The P.O.Box.

We learned the hard way

As exciting as it is to design collectives is as exciting it is to launch and promote it on time, we got a little over whelmed while designing one of our collectives that we missed launching it on time and had to let it pass until the next season. We learned the hard way, to stick to timelines for seasonal launches.

Did we just share that?

When we were doing our beta for the first collective we sent out a batch of our products to friends and family, one of the batches got delivered to the wrong address and to our surprise we got one of our first customer from that mistake. They loved it so much, they refused to return the package. Well, politely, and we didn't complain.

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They work with us

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, Zee Kannada, A leading International Beverage brand etc.

Industry as we foresee

With increasing audience opting for ad blockers and influencers becoming borderline salesy, we believe the industry is headed towards a time where the consumer will need to interact with something that stays with them for much longer than generic visual or audio ads. Carefully designed experiences have exceptional power to create engagements with its customers which can generate much higher interest in the brand and can demonstrate numerous dimensions.

A day without Internet

Would be beautiful for us, we see ourselves do tons of creative brainstorming, getting our hands dirty, making something in our creative lab and pondering over exciting ways of storytelling.  

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, Designers, storytellers and creative nomads.  

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