Agency Feature: Word


Who are we?

WORD is an influencer marketing agency that connects brands with influential voices on social media. We encourage our partners to tell stories rather than sell products via highly engaging, relevant and curated content through our team of micro and macro influencers.

Our History

Founded in March of 2018, Word caters to clients looking for partners who can help amplify their brand footprint across social media with content being the right vehicle. Today, we enable over 120+ brands across categories that include fashion, lifestyle, wellness, sports and many more to tell their brand story through meaningful, deeply relatable content delivered through real people.

The Team

Word is currently a 25+ member strong team spread across various business functions that are geared to deliver turnkey solutions for Influencer Marketing to brands across any verticals globally. We encourage all our teams to put themselves in the brand’s shoes to deliver results that not only amplify the core message but also creates meaningful engagement among target audiences.

What’s in the name?

Influencer Marketing in other terms is people “having conversations”. With Word, it’s all about conversations – casual, serious, creative, funny, educational, emotional, et al – no matter who, what, when and where, it’s a conversation.

Remember, in the space of brand communication, it’s all about who’s having the last word – Word allows brands to do just that, with conversations. So, What’s the Word?

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What we do?

Word is a full-service influencer marketing agency wherein we offer more than just paid and sponsored posts from our influencer base. Our influencer programs range from promoting brand events to collaborating with partners to creating curated collections to supporting product launches and services. Word handles the strategy and operations for our brands and influencers, allowing the latter to focus on what they love – creating great content to reach their fans.

  • Brand Partnerships: the team works collaboratively with brands looking to bolster their social media marketing efforts by engaging in conversations with their target audience via micro and macro influencers – who not only have immense reach, but who also deliver more engagement than celebrity partnerships
  • Brand Strategy: the team’s primary goal is to conceptualize and develop highly personalized ideas as per the brand objectives and core messaging
  • Influencer Management: this team manages our network of 30,000+ handpicked influencers and are in-charge of identifying, shortlisting and coordinating with selected experts throughout the campaign period
  • Client Servicing and Account Management: each brand partner that comes on board is appointed a dedicated account manager who is assigned basis their skill set in the brand category to deliver a seamless campaign experience.

Why we do it?

With the proliferation of mass media, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver an impactful message to consumers and for brands to stand out amongst the clutter created by advertising.

At Word our mission is to enable brands to find the right people to advocate them on social platforms where the conversations are more meaningful, engaging and intimate.

We look to make a mark amongst brands and influencers globally for next-gen audiences, especially when we bring in automation to the entire value chain through our platform. From simple influencer packages to highly experiential content-based solutions, brands can pick and choose how they want their marketing objectives delivered through us.

How we evolve?

In our industry, content and impact is king. Our goals for staying relevant and ahead of the curve are two-fold:

We are continually looking for new ways to give influencers a platform on which to showcase themselves by coaching them on fulfilling partner objectives through customized communication while staying true to their personal brand.

For brands, we firmly believe new-age audiences are more receptive to stories told by real people, rather than larger-than-life endorsements. We are constantly working towards building out solutions that push the envelope on creativity, driving quality content and volume through the right people and right channels.

Social responsibility in social media

There are horror stories a-plenty when it comes to social media goof ups – a tweet gone awry, the wrong caption, or incorrect product mentions as part of brand sponsorship. We understand the need to act as custodians, not only for the brands we work with but for every piece of content that goes out on our behalf in the socio-sphere. We are extremely cognizant of staying true to the brand story and vision and have a stringent compliance team that ensures all work that goes out is non-offensive and non-compromising of our company values.

We learned the hard way

Brand briefs and requirements change from time to time and we need to keep patiently adapting and incorporating the same within our strategy.

Communicating the concept to the brand and influencer is difficult until they see the proof of the pudding. As we are in the business of providing original, customized content for every partner, getting all the stakeholders aligned can be challenging at times.

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They work with us

We have worked with numerous brands across categories. Our partners include SuperDry, Steve Madden, UrbanClap, Lakme, The Man Company, Samsung, GoAir, Just Herbs, Good Earth and LimeRoad – to name a few.

Industry as we foresee

Tech, tech and more tech! It is imperative for agencies and brands in India to recognize that all products and services need to be backed by a strong tech-platform which empowers both social media users and clients. Whether it be connecting the right brands with the right audience or making the process of creating and distributing content easier, solutions need to be built to both scale and automate to drive real value in engagements.

A day without Internet

At Word, we believe every opportunity is as good as you make it. While we wait for the storm to pass, having a day off the pressure of having to deliver on social media will encourage users to hit reset on their schedules, take in the sights, sounds and conversations around them and come back with refreshed material once they are online again.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes! We are a rapidly growing our team and are in need of brilliant minds to help us on our journey to becoming an influencer marketing powerhouse! We are currently on the look-out for bright, driven people to join our Brand Strategy and Brand Partnerships teams. You can mail us your resume on