Generating sales not the objective of Gits’ Mother’s Day Campaign!

Gits Mother's Day campaign

For Gits’ Mother’s Day campaign this year, the brand went the “unusual” route to redefine Motherhood. Social Samosa gets in conversation with the brand and its agency to take a peek behind the scenes.

Last week, the whole of social universe was flooded with the best of Mother’s day wishes where the netizens expressed their love for the selfless who nurtured us throughout. Also joining the chatter in the ad world was Gits who released a campaign video titled ‘Taste of Motherhood’ capturing the warmth of a mother’s love and the magic in her handmade food.

Campaign Insight

Being a family-run business, Gits understands the significance of ‘maa ke hatho ka khana’. Unfortunately, there are many kids who do not get to cherish this joy and hence the packaged food brand decided that this Mother’s Day, it will encourage people to spread the love to orphans in whatever small way it could.

About the film

The one-minute long digital film narrates the story of a child in an orphanage, and how he seeks motherly warmth in his daily routine. From the time he is woken up to the warden’s call to get ready for school – it encapsulates his conversations with God about missing a mother’s love in his life and wonders how the food made by her would taste.

Throughout the film, we see him trying to find answers in the little things and it’s overwhelming when he feels her presence while having food served at his orphanage.

The Campaign Brief

With an aim to take an unusual route in their communication endeavors, the objective for this Mother’s Day was to ideate a campaign focusing on these key parameters while creatively highlighting the essence of the occasion. 

Objective to be achieved

“While there were many objectives, sales was definitely not a priority. It’s hard to break out of the traditional marketing norms that are ROI based, but as a family business, we also like to work on some campaigns that are all heart!” exclaimed Sahil Gilani, Director – Sales & Marketing, Gits Food. He added, “Gits has always been a very socially conscious and charitable organization, these campaigns act as an outlet for us to express this.  Thus, the main objective here was to spread joy. When you make campaigns from the heart rather than your head, standing out is a by-product, not an objective.”

The Creative Thoughtprocess and campaign execution

When asked about a Mother’s Love, the first thing that comes to mind is the taste of her food, prepared with extreme warmth and care.

Akshay Popawala, Co-founder, Togglehead shared, “The idea was to strike a chord with the child’s innocence and curiosity; the story of the film wasn’t weaved around the product, it was conceptualized to deliver an encouraging message – ‘Share the #TasteOfMotherhood’.”

Highlighting an untouched perspective to Mother’s Day, the film pans over montages of the child questioning God on what having a mother feels like. Throughout the film, he tries to find answers in his day-to-day activities and finally feels her presence while having food served at his orphanage. “Nothing can match the taste of a mother’s food, but a mother’s love can be felt even the smallest act of concern and care,” Popawala added.

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Taking the thought beyond ‘Taste of Motherhood’

Gits’ teams across India served food at orphanages over the Mother’s Day weekend and celebrated #TasteOfMotherhood. “While we do not always highlight it, Gits is constantly involved in charitable causes. CSR is not just a mandatory requirement for us, it is a part of our family and brand’s DNA since inception,” highlighted Gilani.

The brand also constantly works with bloggers and influencers to not only amplify the campaigns but also generate trials and word of mouth marketing based on their experience with the products.

Concept of Motherhood- Evolving?

Concept of motherhood is pure, unconditional love. Gilani doesn’t think this concept needs to evolve, it is perfect as is. However, he feels that the concept of a “mother” is evolving. With this campaign, Gits has tried to provoke a thought that anyone can spread the taste of motherhood. “Even a man can take home cooked food and give kids a sense of Motherhood at an orphanage”, Gilani signed off.

Meanwhile, the YouTube video has garnered 82k eyeballs and is heavily shared across the platforms.