Experts decipher the effectiveness of Prega News' #GoodNewsIsGenderFree

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Prega News Mother's Day campaign

Prega News on this Mother's Day took it upon itself to instill the thought #GoodNewsIsGenderFree. While Experts analyze the probability of Prega News Mother's Day campaign bringing about a real change.

‘Good news is good news. It sees no gender’

This Mother’s Day, Prega News urged you, me and all of us to welcome the 'good news' without any gender bias.  For years, the company from the house of Mankind Pharma has claimed to bring ‘good news’ to soon to be mothers. To take this relationship forward, Prega News launched its new campaign #PregaNewsMeansGoodNews targeting the Indian families and their regressive mindsets.

Campaign Insight and Objective

Gender inequality is a pertinent issue prevailing all over the world; however, its presence in India is far more complex. The preference for a boy over a girl has been deeply instituted in the Indian minds which leads to nothing but grave consequences that curbs the nation’s growth. But, with this new initiative, Mankind Pharma and ADK-Fortune hope to bring a change in people’s outlook. They request their audiences to wish for a healthy child, irrespective of their child’s sex.

This time with #GoodNewsIsGenderFree, Prega News has tried to break another stereotype. “Our society has been gender biased for a long period now and it is high time we get over it,” commented Rajeev Juneja, CEO, Mankind Pharma.

The Creative Thoughtprocess

The campaign has been conceptualized and executed by ADK Fortune. For the creative thoughtprocess, Akashneel Dasgupta, NCD, ADK Fortune shared that adds when a child is about to be born in our society, what everyone wishes for is a baby boy. “With our initiative #preganewsmeansgoodnews, we are urging people to wish only for a healthy child and mother. Nothing else.”

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The campaign, which was released a week before Mother’s Day, was supported with other communication material apart from the film on social media.

While Prega News' has been vocal about all things women in its campaigns, it stands to be seen how this attempt at breaking gender stereotype works on-ground.

Experts Speak:


Ramakrishnan Hariharan, Head of Creative, Publicis Ambience

The execution of the film is what I liked the most. It's simple and tastefully done. Although, the argument presented is a bit too basic. Not convincing enough to challenge hardwired notions. In a country where people are exposed to movies like Dangal, which push the same agenda in a far more engaging or fresh approach, I have my doubts if this piece of communication is thought-provoking enough to deliver real change.


Jyotsna Parikh, Creative Head, Triton Communications

A lot of ad campaigns are now taking a stand on various social issues in an attempt to challenge stereotypes and spread awareness. Gender inequality as a subject is relevant to our times and the idea is quite powerful. However, it's a bit melodramatic in its execution. A subtler display of emotions could have conveyed the message in a far more effective fashion.

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