#IPLSpot: Royal Challenge Sports Drink’s #ChallengeAccepted puts spotlight on equality in sports


There are no men and women on the field, there are only players. Royal Challenge Sports Drink from the house of Diageo India has rolled its sleeves to break this glass by launching #ChallengeAccepted campaign that challenges gender-based stereotypes in cricket.

With the campaign, the brand aimed to throw spotlight on a world of equality that will lead to a better tomorrow both on and off the field.

In the film, star Indian women cricketers Mithali Raj, Harmanpreet Kaur, Veda Krishnamurthy along with Virat Kohli come together to say that ‘A day is coming where the world needs to become equal’, urging fans to accept the challenge to break the barriers in their mind and see men and women’s Cricket as one game and one team which is not divided by gender.

The campaign challenges the belief that women and men’s cricket are not on par because of the perception that women are not as strong, as fast, or as fit as their male counterparts who rally bigger crowds and fanfare. To break the myth Royal Challenge Sports Drink is asking people to support the first ever mixed gender T20 match that the brand will organize with women cricketers and the Royal Challengers Bangalore team.

The sports drinks’ first point of view is to challenge gender stereotypes in cricket, where the game is being divided by gender & not skills & prowess. Diageo India believes that it’s a cause worthy of a conversation in culture & they are supporting the first mixed gender match with international cricketers. It is, therefore, rolling out a full 360-degree activation plan supported by like-minded influencers & the RCB cricket team.

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Since the launch of the campaign, there has been immense chatter on Twitter with cricketers urging users to vote for mixed gender T20 match and break the gender norm on and off the field.

Fans can join the conversation by visiting the microsite created by the brand and following #ChallengeAccepted.