Report: Dhoni is mentioned 5X more than Kohli: Young India Feels 2019 Report

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Young India Feels 2019

Young India Feels 2019, is a report where over 90,000 lines of Haiku have been studied by an AI engine and broken down to analyze what young India thinks about some of the things most important to them.

The report is an exploration of how India's millenials and Gen-Zers feel about certain mainstream industries, products and aspects of daily life.

Targeted subjects include IPl, Elections 2019, beauty, listening to music, owning a car, Chai vs Coffee, Instagram and more.

The report is designed to provide clarity on what's going on right now and to inspire fresh thinking on where we might be heading next.

Key Takeaways


Brands are investing heavily this season on Kohli whereas it is clearly Dhoni who is the crowd favorite when it comes to the IPL.

Dhoni is mentioned 5X more than Kohli. Perhaps due to the superior performance of the Chennai Super Kings, perhaps because of his aura with the tournament historically.


Young India feels that beauty is something that is more about what you feel inside as opposed to the result outside. We need to remember that this is a cross section that's skewed towards a higher SEC so for the mass market this lesson may not completely apply. Having said that premium brands now need to start focusing on how their products improve self-worth, accentuate what's inside consumers' hearts by giving more definition to how consumers' eyes, lips are able to better tell the stories of their souls.

Listening to music

Music for India's youth is something that they escape to when they're feeling alone and really taps into helping young Indians figure why they're feeling alone. So music is expressing for them what they're feeling but can't say.

Owning a Car

For a large number of Indian consumers, Owning a Car is a dream fulfilled. Despite the issues with traffic and the convenience of Uber and Ola, young India still thinks of a car as a dream being accomplished.

If you are a brand or agency or just a curious soul that's looking to understand Young India better, check out the following report.

The report is by HaikuJAM and Schbang.

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