What is making Rooh Afza trend on Twitter?

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Rooh Afza campaigns

As Twitter decodes the mystery of the missing rose drink during Ramadan, we take a look at some of the best Rooh Afza campaigns

Is it just another paid trend or a campaign by Rooh Afza? The answer lies in neither of the two. Meanwhile, these Rooh Afza ad campaigns will also make you nostalgic like never before.

As a writer writing about all that is social, Twitter trend checking comes right at the start of the day. And today morning, Twiteratti were busy tweeting about how the Indian Muslims are in great crisis due to unavailability and in some place shortage of the age-old drink, Rooh Afza in the market.  Also, today marks the second day of fasting of the holy month of Ramadan and iftari has always been incomplete without a glass of Rooh Afza, dates, sweets, and a plate full of fruits.

Rooh Afza has survived Partition of India and Pakistan and boasts off 100 years of subcontinent history. The rose flavored sherbet has been termed as an intrinsic part of our culture and it’s a journey from herbal medicine to a staple drink of the countries is worth celebrating. For those from the 90s, childhood was never fun without a dose of this drink from Hamdard Laboratories and we are proud of being a part of it.

Amidst the Colas and Pepsis of the world, Rooh Afza has never lost its spot and is still afresh in many minds- a proof which we witnessed in the form of Twitter trends today.

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Following the reports and tweets of Rooh Afza’s shortage back home, Osama Qureshi, Head of Hamdard Laboratories Pakistan, took to the micro-blogging site and tweeted that Hamdard Pakistan is ready to help and supply the drink through the Wagah Border if the Indian Government permits.

This was in reply to Shivam Vij, a writer from the Print who penned down a piece on how the missing of Rooh Afza from the Indian Market is making thousands of Indian Muslims crave for it. Hamdard Laboratories has kept Rooh Afza off the market for 4-5months now- the reason to be cited is on the production level and shortage of raw materials. The Print also mentions that it’s production has restarted only recently and the drink will soon see the light of the day in an estimated time of 15-20 days.

The heritage brand has become synonymous to summer and has been calming the people down in their sunburn days. It’s advertising sparked similar communication over the years where a few happy faces are consuming the drink which not only helps them beat the heat but its natural and refreshing positioning has etched it in millions of hearts.

While we talk, we also take a stroll through its advertising campaigns which have been triggering nostalgia every time we come across.

It was in 1906 when in the bylanes of Delhi, Rooh Afza was first produced and since then it has served many purposes- from mixing it with milk and soda or fresh lime to consuming it as topping on icecreams and as a flavor for authentic dishes like Kheer and smoothies - it has been a constant connection.

Marketed for years as the ultimate refresher and thirst quencher, Rooh Afza’s naturalness and it’s original flavors have kept it rooted. We can only wish for it’s speedy comeback to this and a miraculous one.

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