[Download] Guerrilla Marketing hacks for creating a winning strategy this World Cup

Guerrilla Marketing Hacks

A recent Talkwalker report sheds light on how the phenomenon of ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ can be a winning tactic for creating an agile strategy this World Cup.

ICC Cricket World Cup is a global platform where cricket enthusiasts come together from all over the world. This sporting gala provides for a massive platform amongst marketers and brands across sectors that can leverage the tremendous momentum created during every World Cup.

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For such a huge avenue, how can most of the brands get into the bandwagon of successful marketing and ‘effectively’ capitalize on the event? The answer lies in approaching the unconventional routes of communication such as ‘Guerrilla Marketing’. Such tactics and techniques help in not only breaking the clutter but creating a high recall amidst end users.

Talkwalker report unveils some unique Guerrilla Marketing Hacks which can be used for creating a winning marketing campaign and stride into the #CWC19 game to set your brand apart.

The report explains “jumping on a trend is one of the most effective forms of marketing. It’s also often hit or miss, so it’s important to do everything you can to make it work.”

To deep dive into the concept of Guerrilla Marketing in light of the World Cup fervor download the detailed report!

Talkwalker Report - Guerrilla Marketing