Twitter tests updates making images more accessible

Paawan Sunam
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Twitter tests adding ALT text to images, selecting language preferences and viewing hidden replies.

The platform is trying to make images on Twitter more accessible by letting you add alt text to images, so that your tweets are accessible to a wider audience. Take a look at the recent Twitter Updates.

Alt Text or alternative text improves overall web accessibility. Visually impaired users can understand an image by using screen readers.

The purpose of adding alt text to an image is to ensure all users can access your content. Generally, alt text also contributes towards improving Image SEO.

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Although, it's unclear for now, if adding alt text to an image you post on Twitter will improve it's searchability.

The second feature being tested is language preferences for recommended content. The feature may direct you towards vernacular content on the platform, on the basis of the preferred languages you've selected.

Majority of the content circulating on the platform is in English. However, Twitter holds a diverse userbase from over 200 countries. The feature may let the users consume regional content too.

Third feature being tested is to view hidden replies. This is a follow-up feature for another one Twitter was recently testing that let users hide replies.

Furthermore, due to a bug on Twitter, users were receiving notifications when somebody unfollowed them. Although, The notification they would receive was that somebody followed them.

Sriram Krishnan, Product Leader, Twitter confirmed the bug and mentioned that it was fixed.

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