YouTube has initiated AR for influencer campaigns & display ads

Paawan Sunam
New Update

YouTube is powering branded experiences on the platform with augmented reality and interactive 3D assets to display ads.

The platform is introducing AR Beauty Try-On, which lets viewers virtually try on makeup while following along with YouTube creators to get tips, product reviews, and more. Currently in alpha, AR Beauty Try-On is available through FameBit by YouTube.


M·A·C Cosmetics is the first brand to partner with FameBit to launch an AR Beauty Try-On campaign.

With the new feature brands will be able to tap into YouTube’s creator community and deploy influencer campaigns to YouTube’s 2 billion monthly active users, and measure their results in real time.

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Brands now also have a new canvas for creativity with Swirl, with three-dimensional assets to display advertising on the mobile web, which can help educate consumers before making a purchase.


You can zoom in and out, rotate a product, or play an animation. You can rotate and explore the product. Objects like a mobile phone can expand to show additional layered content.

Brands can edit, configure and publish high-quality, realistic models to use in display ads, with a new editor on Poly, Google’s 3D platform.

It provides more editorial control over 3D objects, including new ways to change animation settings, customize backgrounds, and add realistic reflections.

The feature comes in to aid brands and advertisers to create more engaging and educational content and drive effective purchase decisions.

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