Google is testing Snapchat-like AR Filters

Google Messages

Google Messages is testing AR Filters like Plane Effect, Balloons, Fireworks, and more for its app, Messages.

The feature is currently only being tested in the Messages app from Google. When you tap to send an image, you can select a filter from the ‘Effects’ tab beside Photo & Video.

The filters are similar to or are a basic version of the ones we already see on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube Stories.

Snapchat is already at the top of the AR Filters game with features like dog lenses, cat lenses, Landmarkers: that transforms monumental places into entertaining and humorous sights, the ability of Scan, that detects objects and displays similar GIfs on screen.

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Google seems to be a bit late to this party. Moreover, the filters seen right now are the basic ones that use segmentation of the subject (you) and your environment (background). Hand gestures, iris-tracking, and more of such triggers are not yet seen.

Although, the available filters seem pretty accurate with segmenting and movements.

Google recently announced that it would replace the SMS app with RCS. The platform is rolling out RCS instead of depending on carriers as RCS offers a plentitude of better features.

Furthermore, Google has recently rolled out five new features in Messages: Messages for web (Send and receive texts from your computer), GIFs, Smart Reply (respond with a tap), preview links within conversations, and copy OTPs with one tap.