Social Media News Round Up: FaceApp’s privacy allegations, YouTube Topic Filters, and more

Social Media News

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Social Media News this week was dominated by conversations around #CWC19 generating over 31 million tweets, FaceApp addressing their allegations concerning users’ privacy, and a lot more.

Twitter introduces LiveCut for video publishing

Twitter has introduced LiveCut, a new media publishing tool that integrates SnappyTV’s functionality into Media Studio. Read more here.

FaceApp addresses all privacy concerns and allegations

FaceApp, after enjoying the overnight success also faced allegations around the use of their photos for commercial use and more. They have addressed these concerns. Read more here.

YouTube rolls out topic filters for Android

YouTube has launched topic filters on Android which will appear on the Homepage in a bid to provide users control over what they want to see. Read more here.

Snapchat announces new Snap Originals; tests a dedicated tab

Snap Originals is getting a new flock of shows with Kevin Hart, Serena Williams & more along with testing a customized tab in the app. Read more here.

DATA: #CWC19 generated 31 mn tweets

Conversations around #CWC19 generated over 31 million tweets, says Twitter; #ViratKohli was the most tweeted about the captain. Read more here.

Testing: Instagram may roll out new Story Camera UI

Instagram is testing a new Story Camera UI, the feature makes the platform look increasingly similar to Snapchat. Read more here.

YouTube creates more revenue streams

YouTube has introduced more opportunities for creators to monetize their content, engage with the community, and generate revenue by adding more options to YouTube monetization options. Read more here.