How Idea popularized Sabka Time Aagaya on TikTok

Social Samosa deciphers the Idea TikTok campaign - looking at the campaign-platform fit, campaign-objective fit, and results.

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Idea TikTok campaign

Idea Telecom joins the list of brands looking at TikTok as a platform to run campaigns on. We dig into the decision to figure what makes it a good fit for #SabkaTimeAagaya, the Idea TikTok campaign.

Idea TikTok campaign, #SabkaTimeAagaya is an ode to pure joy and happiness expressed by their customers in response to the parent campaign, Har Recharge Pe Extra. Conceptualized by BBDO, the television commercial showcases people from all walks of life dancing to celebrate the extra benefits they have received on recharging with Idea.

The move to take the campaign on TikTok is a step taken to further the reach of the message and showcase the process as two-way communication.

Objective: Build engagement with the youth

Engagement: Over 3.5 billion views

Time frame: August 23 to August 26, 2019

Team's observations: The creativity on the platform is unparalleled — From underwater dance videos to users using AR to include the brand's logo (unaided) and wearing the brand's colours to perform the videos.

Future plans: Idea will continue to engage consumers across all media including OOH, print, social media, radio and on-ground activities to create more buzz in the coming weeks.

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Since the action involved in the campaign was the act of dancing, TikTok became an obvious option for the brand to explore.

"TikTok is the perfect engagement platform that allows users to share short videos to express themselves freely. Idea's foot-tapping track, signature dance steps, and TikTok's platform were a natural fit for the dance challenge," explains Sunita Bangard, President — Marketing & National Brand Head, Vodafone Idea.

Moreover, TikTok's base of users spans across demographics and beyond metros to reach the masses, which is a great fit for Idea, she adds, explaining how it is important to customise the brand's communication such that it fits seamlessly across platforms where they spend most of their time. "Traditional advertising has limited scope when you want to build engagement among the youth," she says.

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Most of the content created on TikTok is being re-shared on Idea's social media channels across platforms. The brand has roped in prominent TikTok influencers such as Nagma Mirajkar, Awez Darbar, and Jannat Zubair.

Challenges in the mix

When brands explore a new platform, there are bound to be challenges that crop up. This is especially true when a brand is a well-established one, trying to engage with youth, across demographics. Idea too faced some.

"Since this was a first for the brand, there were a lot of learnings through planning and execution of the dance challenge. We are confident that the next round of engagement will yield better results," Sunita concludes.

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