Does Mission Mangal achieve the ‘extraordinary’ with its movie marketing tactics?

Mission Mangal Movie Marketing review

Based on the philosophy of ‘achieving extraordinary things by ordinary individuals’, Mission Mangal is helmed by Fox Star Studios, Hope Productions and Cape of Good Films. Does the powerful topic translate through Mission Mangal Movie Marketing strategy?

Mission Mangal is poised to showcase the incredible saga of Mangalyaan. With a stellar star cast ft. Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu, and Sonakshi Sinha, the movie hit the box office on Independence Day. We take a look at the Mission Mangal Movie Marketing Strategy and if it pays off.

Movie Marketing is a lucrative avenue to reach out to people. The key to striking a chord with the audience lies in effectively tapping on to the channels and the emotions, the plot might resonate with, to fuel the curiosity of the people.

Mission Mangal on Mission Social Media and Brands!

Mission Mangal makes a journey through the center of brands via social media. We observed some noticeable brand collaborations with the movie.

Peter England launched 360 degrees advertising co-branding with the movie.


Fox Star Hindi


Twitter India

Kajaria Ceramics

On the road to Quizvertising and Contests

We noticed Fox Star Studios and some other brands, getting into the Quizvertizing with contests and posts, to continue with the buzz around the movie.

Fox Star Hindi

Sonata Watches

The movie leveraged on World Emoji Day to promote Mission Mangal with an interesting activity led by the star cast.

ISRO takes notice of Mission Mars through Twitter’s binoculars

Indian Space Research organization was prompt to acknowledge the efforts of the Team Mission Mars and congratulate them on the release of the movie which strengthened their social media presence. Akshay Kumar immediately responded to the tweet with a ‘thank you’ message.

Celebrating the leading ladies

One of the major highlights of Mission Mangal is its leading ladies. The movie celebrates the unsung heroes, the female scientists, responsible for the accomplishment of the mission.

Promotions with a cause to inspire the next generation!

Mission Mangal leveraged on a powerful message for its promotions.

In JD Institute of Fashion Technology, the ensemble cast spoke upon various relevant topics; Akshay Kumar highlighted that “the movie will inspire the next generation to dream big and achieve the impossible”.

Making waves on Radio

The ensemble cast featured on a popular show of ‘Radio City’ with ‘Kasa Kai Mumbai’ to connect with the audiences. Radio city is also one of the official partners of the movie which chronicles the real-life story.

Memevertising all the way

The movie also generated engagement and created a buzz on social media via humorous and relatable memes:

Audience Reactions at the special screening in Delhi

While the ensemble cast was involved in the promotional campaigns and events, a special screening was arranged in Delhi garnering positive responses from the audience.

Overall, Mission Mangal taps majorly on latest social media trends and other key channels to build its presence amongst the audience, in an organized manner.

Backed by powerful messages of the real-life accomplishment, women empowerment, and inspiring the youth, Mission Mangal manages to generate conversations and curiosity.


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