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About the VentAllOut

VentAllOut is a social platform for “Freedom of Expression”. It is a platform where users can share their frustration, comments, and opinions anonymously.

It is a platform where users can share their views on various categories such as –Politics, Current Affairs, Confession, Entertainment, Daily Drag, Relationship & Grievance. So be it your pent up emotion against your boss or your family member or having a confession for your secret love or having a view on Politics (which sometimes make your friends troll you – in the given political scenario) we cover it all and people can share on this platform without any fear of being identified. The identity is not known to other users unless you chose to do so.

Whom do we cater to?

We are targeting anyone who is social media savvy. It is a network of 18+ audience and it is an ideal platform for people who want to share their opinion without being judged, without the fear of having any bias or being trolled. Our customer base is diverse from as far as US, UK, Switzerland, Belgium Belize, Kenya and closer to home from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and its growing.

What do we offer to our consumers?

Stress and frustrations are the manifestations of humankind and people get frustrated more than once in a day. As per WHO, the maximum stress levels are in India, more than anywhere in the world so this platform has been launched at the right time for people to share their stress and be relaxed and calm.

“Quality” of content sits at the heart of the platform and we focus on a lot on making sure that we have content which enriches people's lives and they derive something back from the interaction they have on the platform. In order to ensure the content is rich we have developed algorithm which does profanity checks, we have a minimum character count so that users write a meaningful sentence, users share their mood, can capture a frustrating moment on their handheld device and post and also participate in the VPolls we have on the platform, regularly.

Above all, the USP of the platform comes from a unique method of creating community-based on interest and not the user. What this means this that in VentAllOut, users don’t follow other users but follow the “interest” of other users. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter said recently and I quote – “He suggested that the service works best as an “interest-based network,” where you log in and see content relevant to your interests, no matter who posted it — rather than a network where everyone feels like they need to follow a bunch of other accounts, and then grow their follower numbers in turn.” 

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What motivated us to startup?

The genesis of this venture came from seeing the situation around us, where everyone is trying to portray a fake image or emotion of oneself on other popular social sites. The media leaves you with a lot of questions unanswered since they show what gets them highest TRP. Facebook has become a bragging network where people flaunt their expensive gifts or lavish vacations, WhatsApp groups are biased and the members troll people for having a view so on and so forth. Whereas there is a no platform where people can share their feelings, frustrations, emotions without the fear of being judged- without the fear of having a bias or being branded. This gave rise to VENTALLOUT – Vent your pent up emotions!

There has been a recent advent of places in India and around the world where you can express your anger by smashing old TV, fridge or cutlery and release your frustration. Well, we believe that frustrations cannot wait for you to travel across the city so we have created an online place for you to release anger instantly. While you may have to pay to smash TV but at we reward you in terms of points and awards for venting out.

What's in a name?

Well, the name says it all. We toyed with many names before finalizing on Vent All Out and as the name suggests Vent All your emotions and frustration out… It is easy to remember and we want to make it symbolic to any other popular social media networks.

How do we see Social Media?

Every platform has a different role to play. Let me explain it this way- when you are eating a Samosa (no pun intended), you will take a picture of yourself eating a samosa and put on Facebook, you will take a pic of Samosa itself and put on Instagram, write about the ingredients of the samosa on Pinterest but if you don’t like the samosa you will smash it and put a picture on VentAllOut.

People may share their frustration on other platform but many don’t because they are known on that platform. I would probably not share my political views on a platform where I know I will be judged. Whereas on VentAllOut due to the anonymity of identity, people share more and share things which are close to their heart.

Currently, we are...

We are very excited with the response we have had from the user community and we continue to get new sign-ups, app downloads from across the worlds. We have more than 6500+ posts on various categories and it is growing with each passing day. Posts on Politics seems to most popular among categories

We have teams which focus on Tech, Social Media, content management, PR, user engagement and we continue to grow.

Our biggest challenge was

The biggest challenge so far is to reach to users exponentially in a short span of time with limited resources at hand and the second challenge is to make this platform available in various languages for ease of use and adaptability. Frustration and stress are always shared easily in the local language rather than English alone and we want this platform to be the “Go-to-Platform” for all people who want to pour their heart out.

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We want to dominate the world by...

We have an exciting set of product development which has been planned for Phase-2 of this platform which will have many more exciting features. The first and foremost will be to make this platform available in vernacular and other foreign languages so that we can reach to many non-English speaking countries and Tier-2/3 towns in India which is where the masses are.

We’re making moolah by...

The venture has been bootstrapped till now out of my savings and I have invested a lot of money and resources already.

The business model is very simple yet robust. We want to generate enough and relevant data points from user-generated content so that we can assimilate them into meaningful data.

Industry as we foresee

Indian Social media market is very diverse and growing at a fast pace. If a start-up cannot innovate and keep up with the pace of urban and semi-urban users, then they will miss out. With over 310 million social media users in India growing at a rate of over 24%, this is a market not to be missed. Reports have suggested that content in vernacular language is growing much faster than English content and hence platforms will need to cater to such users. UGC (user-generated content) is the key to many insights however that also throws a challenge of compliance and making sure the platform is not abused. With the right amount of checks and balances, platform and users can both benefit.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring and always looking for good talent in the field of tech, content and digital space. To apply, you could send your CVs to

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