Feature: #DuaKaSona – Tanishq’s first attempt at speaking about their Goodness initiative

Tanishq Dua ka Sona campaign feature

Social Samosa converses with the brand and agency minds behind Tanishq Dua Ka Sona campaign to go behind the scenes, understanding the rationale and the creative thought process.

A treacly narration combined with characters sans dialogues yet an abundance of emotions is Tanishq’s latest campaign bringing alive the concept of ‘blessed Gold’ or ‘Dua Ka Sona’. Putting the spotlight on the #GoodnessOfTanishq, the three ad films, also available in 7 vernacular languages, communicate the message that when you choose Tanishq, you choose gold that is enveloped with the blessings of every life it has touched. Further detailing Tanishq Dua Ka Sona campaign below:

Conceptualized by WYP Brand Solutions, the campaign comprises of a series of videos which encapsulate emotions and couples it with rationality. It highlights the sentiments in the context of a wedding, the naming ceremony of a baby girl and that of a young girl gifting jewelry to her mother.

Tanishq Dua Ka Sona campaign – Big Brief

Tanishq’s brief to the agency was simple yet unique. They wanted to showcase their major goodness initiatives but did not want to make it a CSR campaign. They believed that the process of creation that they follow differentiated them as a brand and wanted to communicate this as they would any of their jewelry range.

Dua Ka SonaInsight

Tanishq claims to believe in and commit to the cause of contributing to and building a better society in every way possible. 

Deepika TewariAssociate Vice President – Marketing, Jewellery Division at Titan Company Limited shared, “We’re not just a business which sells jewelry but an organization which values the craft and the craftsman equally. Thus, we ensure that our karigars work in a healthy, safe and dignified environment and we support them with best in class infrastructure. We empower women and the girl child by Skilling them and educating them. We have also implemented sustainable crafting practices at our manufacturing units where we incorporate measures to use renewable energy and recycle water”.

In the last fiscal year, the company has used 40% of recycled gold in its manufacturing which essentially means that it has utilized the gold bought back from its customers. Mining of gold leads to denudation of Earth and this is one of the attempts by the brand in trying to protect the environment. 

Campaign Objective

At Tanishq, such ethical practices and social initiatives are at the core of brand functioning. Tewari added, “This campaign and communication is based on sharing the happiness and pride that we feel as an organization with our consumers as well. We are rooted in these goodness initiatives and definitely, these wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our consumers”.

Creative Thought Process

Rarely do agencies get the opportunity to work on brands that don’t just take up welfare initiatives but include it in their DNA. “This did not just excite the team, but also eventually became the cornerstone of the campaign. Because, in this approach, lay the core insight of the campaign – that a brand that impacts so many lives in such a positive way must have a lot of goodwill,” elucidated Amit Akali, MD & CCO, WYP Brand Solutions.

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This led to a few rounds of research that showed the agency the brand love that existed in people’s minds. “They were not only thankful to the brand, but they also wished the brand all the success in the world. This sentiment was powerful enough to be converted into a campaign,” he added.

From Conceptualisation to execution

Once the positive image of the brand was obvious to the WYP, it knew there was a market position that only Tanishq could take up. One which went far beyond communicating their initiatives, into defining what they were made of.

Elaborating further, Akali stated that it was that every piece of jewelry that Tanishq came with the blessings of thousands of people whose lives were changed because of the brand’s good work. From here came the campaign articulation – ‘Dua Ka Sona’. Gold blessed by thousands of people. 

“We also realized that gold is usually a gift, given to loved ones on occasions with blessings from family members – a cultural truth in our country that reinforced our belief in the thought. This inspired the situations for the three films that made up the campaign. A naming ceremony, a wedding and a gift from the first salary. The films have a voiceover that tells the story of a blessing given by a family member, backed by the blessings of people from various walks of life”, he added.

The films were brought alive by Shamik Sen Gupta and the Man on the Moon production team, and the story was voiced by Richa Nigam.

Digital Play

According to Tewari, digital mediums allows the brand to reach out to its consumers very effectively and is the primary medium through which it launched this campaign as well. Going ahead too, it will be connecting with the consumers on a personal level through digital.

Dua Ka Sona Teaser | Tanishq

When you wear Tanishq, someone wears a smile. Want to know more? Stay tuned. #DuaKaSona #GoodnessOfTanishq

Posted by Tanishq on Friday, 2 August 2019

Taking the message beyond

For Tanishq, it isn’t a tactical project for where a campaign launch time was planned but rather is a forever campaign through which it connects with all its consumers on a personal level.

“All we did was pour our heart and soul into the creative rendition. We didn’t have any particular launch time in mind either since it’s a forever sort of campaign for us. After that, the only strategy centers on ensuring that these films reach our consumers,” Tewari shared. “We feel a sense of pride in being associated with all of these goodness initiatives and we’re sure that our consumers feel so too. We believe that it is this pride that would help in spreading the message further too!”

She also informed that this is the very first time that Tanishq is talking about its goodness initiatives at all and they believe that the concept itself is what helps it in standing out. The black and white treatment of Tanishq Dua Ka Sona campaignhelps in making it a standout as well and is a powerful way of communicating the message.