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The Social House

Started by creative people to promote emerging talents, the idea behind 'The Social House' was to submerge viewers into the artists' world.

It was started a year ago and 200+ events have been organized with 2000+ artists. The Social House's YouTube channel shares content from these events.

The Social House was established to support emerging artists and local businesses. The community of performers including writers, poets, singers, photographers, actors, and more come together to promote art & culture.

Team Social House takes us through their journey, sharing how it all began.

Who are we? 

We (The Social House) are India’s top poetry and storytelling YouTube channel. We are a single platform for multiple art forms.  

Our journey

This was started in Sept 2017 with few events, people liked the idea and its concept and it soon starts to spread in remote cities as well. Today, we have done more than 250 events, more than 2500 artists have performed with us and having 1.3+ Million Subscribers on YouTube.  

Our family

We are 4 core team members who are handling all the executions. Dimpy Dua handles the Programs & Operations at the venue, Rakesh Kumar handles the Business Development & collaborations, Nidhi Solanki handles the technical part (Photography, Videography) at The Social House and Ravie Solanky is the founder and director & mostly handles the creative executions, product designing. We have one more team member, Vipin Sharma, who recently joins us in the BD team.

What’s in the name? 

Ravie Solanky being a visual and communication designer thinks that everything is in a name, after all, it's your brand identity at the end. People gonna know you with that name. So, we wanted to come up with the name which is social, common and give you an ‘apnapan wali’ feel. Hence, The Social House came into existence.

Our mission statement 

The Social House stands for relatable content in poetries and storytelling. Our mission is to give voice to every talent. 

Do we create content for? 

The type of content we create is kind of massy. Everyone above 13 or 15 can relate to our content. We have different genres like motivational, humorous, satirical, social & more. 

We work with...

As of now, we have worked with only a few brands. They were from the fashion & food industry and we were successful in the collaborations and looking forward to work with more brands in the future.

We are proud of 

Our one poem ‘Hum Single hi ache Hain’ was our first content that went viral and we didn’t know about this as we were busy in our annual film festival event but when we got to know about this we were happy and realized that due to that video we received more than 48,000 subscribers on that single day. 

Our WTF moment 

Happens almost daily with us. People call us at 2 AM or 3 AM in the morning and asks if this is the right time to talk? These people are basically the poets who are willing to perform at The Social House stage. Another WTF moment is that our pending list of people who wants to perform at our stage is more than 4500. We have lots of advance bookings and we’re gradually working on it and making TSH a better experience for everyone. 

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Stay tuned for...

We have new content lined up for the channel and we can’t reveal much about it right now.

Are, you hiring?

Yes, we are looking forward to hiring people in our video editing and graphics team. 

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