‘The Zoya Factor’s’ teaser or a teleshopping ad?

The Zoya factor teaser

Adopting an unusual way, ‘The Zoya Factor’ teaser video takes a satirical route with the teaser resembling a teleshopping ad trying to sell Zoya’s good luck charm.

Dutiful, beautiful, money-back guarantee, wifi friendly, operates under extreme conditions are the specifications of a photo frame called ‘Zoya Kavach’ (with Sonam Kapoor’s goddess-like face on it). Veteran actor Pankaj Dheer is trying to hard-sell it, in his typical teleshopping ad format.

With Zoya touted to be India’s lucky charm, the video shows Dheer explaining how the frame exudes ‘good luck rays’ at the speed of 600 mbps. The production house did not stop here. It went on to create two more films in a teleshopping commercial set up selling pendants and a badge like accessory – one of them also inculcating cricket, thereby sticking to the movie’s subject.

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How much ever unconventional it may sound or look like for a teaser, Fox Star Studios has done an exceptional job of imbibing every element relating to the movie in the videos announcing the launch of the official trailer which was due today but is now scheduled to roll on August 29.

For the unknown, The Zoya Factor stars Sonam Kapoor in the titular role playing a young and successful advertising executive who becomes the good luck charm for India’s cricket team during the 2011 World Cup. It is based on the book by Anuja Chauhan by the same name and is helmed by Abhishek Sharma, ready to hit the big screen on September 20.  

What’s interesting to notice is the unusual and creative way of audio-video marketing the makers have adopted to generate viewer interest. At first glance, you obviously tend to mistake it for a teleshopping commercial but the ‘Sonam’ factor makes you realize it is nothing but the film’s teaser trying to sell nothing but the good luck charm of Zoya.

To add on, the videos also display 1800.. number you need to dial on to avail the lucky offer and what you get in return is for you to experience.