Agency Feature: ARM Worldwide

ARM Worldwide

Who is ARM Worldwide?

ARM Worldwide is a digital marketing and communications consulting company, that was founded in 2013, with a collective experience of over 35 years of the founding team. We were initially known as #ARM Digital but as we expanded to various verticals like content marketing & PR and locations, specifically with respect to our international growth objectives.

Today, we are over 150 people working, distributed at four of our working locations and 2 key business units — Digital marketing (Media Planning & Buying, Social Media, SEO, Creative & Technology development), and PR (all services as a specialist PR outfit, Content marketing & Influencer Marketing).

What’s in the name?

We were very direct with our name! The entire idea of starting ARM was to become the “arm” of our customers — an entire thinktank for their purposes. And the name “ARM” gives us the flexibility to add more specialist services as our business evolves, without dilution of the core of being the “arm” of our customers.

As part of our brand logo, we have # in front of #ARM; # holds dual meaning for us. # stands for trend as the world knows, # also stands for the sign of confirmation.

What do we do? 

Our core competency lies in aligning ourselves with both marketing & business objectives of our customer and therefore devising a strategy to drive business goals. Our work is data-driven, creative & measurable right from the planning table, which also means its about 360 execution across digital be it social, creative communications, PR & content marketing, media planning & buying and search operations.

Why we do it? 

Why we do what we do – because we are best at what we do, we enjoy solving marketing & business problems and or working on the audacious business goals of our customers. We strongly believe in the power of digital and there is no need to prove it. And another important point, TG is living in both online & offline world, while we are digital specialists with deeper understanding of consumers, touchpoints, triggers, passion, sentiment, etc and experience to stitch a strategy/ plan for brands across categories.

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How we evolve? 

An independent, self-funded startup, starting a business in a very competitive environment needs an evolution plan; we can do it all from day 1 wasn’t our approach. With the experience of business strategy, media specialization, brand management, digital assets creation & monetization, product development and content monetization amongst the leadership team, we had crafted a plan which was agile.  We were bold enough to say no to businesses as that could have given us money, but we would not have been able to do justice to it. From the complete mobile-first wave to programmatic to data mining or to draw parlance to the evolution from hardcore bloggers to the new age influencers — we consistently paced up the new comings, thanks to our young & agile team.

Social responsibility in social media

On social media, our complete responsibility as a company lies around the right communication — that is independent of any misguided, mismatched reality. We stand for providing a transparent, real brand personality to our client’s customers and it has worked out really well for us.

We regularly participate in global campaigns, turned into internal activities around people — #LoveIsLove and #SheIs being two of our most engaged internal activations!

Need of the hour

Multi-platform, multi-value analytics of data is the need of the hour. We usually look at data from its source’s vision, which needs to go. A holistic, end-to-end journey made visible with their respective data outcomes is what will lead a tightly knit, failproof marketing strategy for brands.

We learned the hard way

A thing learned the hard way has to be Real-Time Marketing on Social Media for us. While we were overtly involved with owned content and generating a conversation around it, we were totally missing out on the real-time conversation and generating content around it instead.

But ever since we took a note of it, we have been producing some of the top real-time award-winning campaigns on social media for a bunch of our customers.

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Did we just share that? 

Touchwood, this hasn’t happened yet. We follow a tunneling system internally that makes sure the right item reaches the right people only.

They work with us

Bajaj Finance, HARMAN International, Revolt Motors, Pearl Academy, Sodexo India, RICS, Lava, Amazefit, Accor Hotels, Hindustan Times, Haldiram’s, Philips Lumileds, Schneider Electric, Cargill Foods are few of our customers.

Industry as we foresee

More conversations, more mobile visibility will come together; maybe in the form of Augmented Reality. Machine Learning and Agile systems will be at the forefront in the years to come.

A day without the Internet 

We will take that opportunity to relax and do some brainstorming sessions across departments. It will help us to utilize the day in a different way and who knows that could be the genesis of a Cannes for #ARM. 

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yep, we are hiring! If anyone’s bursting out of creative energies and is looking at a place to work — shoot us a mail at