Agency Feature: Digilocal

Digilocal agency

Who is Digilocal?

Digilocal is a young digital marketing firm established in 2014. We initially focused on local retailers, the mom-and-pop stores and later diverged to more client categories.

Over the last 4.5 years, we have served 50+ clients and are experienced in multiple verticals namely Retail, Education, B2B, Food, Hospitality, Finance, E-commerce, Real Estate, etc.

Our Team

Digilocal agency

What’s in the name?

Armed with his experience in the retail, family business, and E-commerce, our founder had a simple realization: “The world is on the internet. Every business, big or small, needs to be on the internet.”

He started Digilocal to help local retailers and small businesses create & manage their digital footprint, and hence the name. Today, even with a more varied client list, we love to be called Digilocal.

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What we do?

·   Online Strategy & Measurement

·   Social Media Marketing

·   Social & Online Advertising

·   Marketing Automation

·   Websites & Landing Pages

·   Print & Graphic Design 

Why we do it?

The Internet has transcended marketing into a whole new realm. Marketing online was and still remains a massive untapped opportunity to connect with consumers on an emotional level, enable brand discoverability & ensure a high recall value through regular engagement.

Being a part of this gives us our “kick”! We love being in the Industry

How we evolve?

Our growth journey has been fascinating though we still believe our best is yet to come. In our early days, our list of services evolved with our satisfied clients who did not wish to go to other vendors & asked us to execute non-digital marketing campaigns too.

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” says Richard Branson and we have followed this quite a few times. We have actually realised that this method actually ushers in fresh thinking & creativity in the task!

We do attend workshops regularly in addition to Networking Events & online webinars. Our Content & Design strategy heads have a dedicated “Inspiration Time” for researching learning from popular creative campaigns.

Social responsibility in social media

  • Fact Check! Verifying the stuff that gets posted
  • Giving credit where it is due
  • Not jumping on the bandwagon just because it is hot news; instead, first determine whether it is ethical (the thin line between what’s trending and what’s right) 
  • Encouraging our clients for CSR campaigns, however big or small the donation or effort may be, it’s important that they give us a go-ahead to run that campaign.
  • Not sharing any controversial/sensitive/racist content.

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Need of the hour

Being one of the most expressive forms of “The Right to Freedom of Speech”, the Social Medium, does not call for regulation.

However, we feel there are certain areas where it definitely needs to be controlled:

  • Awareness Ads against spreading fake news and sensitive content, especially on Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. We feel these are as important as the statutory Tobacco Awareness Campaigns shown in Cinemas.
  • Mandatory verification of profiles created on the social media channels. Fake profiles should be busted!

We learned the hard way

  • R.I.P organic reach: We had a hint that Organic Reach was dying, but did not realize it would be an early death!
  • Need to sell the client to THE CLIENT first: Need to prepare an identity of the client and first convince them about the need to maintain this identity. 
  • Weekends are a myth! Saturday & Sunday Off just means “officially working remotely.

Did we just share that?

What happens in Digilocal, stays in Digilocal.

They work with us

Goila Butter Chicken, Muthuswamy Caterers, Arya Bhavan, WOL-3D, VND Wealth Managers, Digital Academy – The Film School, Nandan GSE, Fortran Steel, Artilea, Ambrosia Delicatessen, Paragon Mobile Stores, Record Shoppee, Bridging Gaps Marketing Consultants & more.

Industry as we foresee

We really hope Social Media not only in India but around the world becomes more meaningful, helpful & more genuine.

From a marketing perspective we foresee:

  • An increase in online sales driven through social media, mainly genuine recommendations & reviews by real users
  • SAAS Automation handling a lot of repetitive tasks & human energy being utilised for creative ideas & in-person interactions.
  • Stories taking priority over Posts in a social strategy (already happening in several campaigns)
  • Deeper integration of AR & VR in Campaigns, as internet speeds rise & the tech develops. It’s truly immersive & addictive, but expensive at the moment!

A day without Internet

People will have real conversations rather than talking on a wall (remember the Facebook Wall).

Stories will not last 24 hours but a lifetime.

Listening to the birds tweeting rather than the Twitterati.

That’s it! Who are we kidding? *looking for wifi right now*

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring. Looking for a Client Servicing Exec & Creative Content Exec to join us.