Facebook location settings updated following Android 10 and iOS 13 release

Paawan Sunam
Sep 11, 2019 09:00 IST
Facebook location

Facebook provides updates on the Facebook location settings, following the release of Android 10 and iOS 13.

The newest versions of Android and iOS provide improved location settings. Android 10 gives people more visibility and control over when apps can access their device’s precise location. And, iOS 13, will send people reminders about which apps can access their precise location information when they’re not using an app and how many times each app has accessed it. Following these changes, Facebook has also provided an update Facebook location settings.

Android 10

Addressing the issue of keeping the app's and the OS' location settings in sync, Facebook would choose to follow the more restrictive setting.

For instance, if your device location setting is set to “all of the time,” but your Facebook background location setting is off, the app won’t collect your precise location information when you’re not using the Facebook app.

Facebook will also begin to phase out the Facebook background location setting on Android 10 by reminding people to check their device’s location settings.

Facebook location

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iOS 13

On iOS devices, you currently have three options to share your precise location with an app: always, only when the app is in use or never. If you decide to update to iOS 13, you will see an additional option called “allow once,” which lets the app access your device’s precise location information only once.

If you are using iOS 13, you will begin to receive notifications about when an app is using your precise location in the background and how many times an app has accessed that information.

The notification will also include a map of the location data an app has received and an explanation of why the app uses that type of location information.

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