Instagram tests an unmasking feature for passwords

Instagram news

Instagram is testing a feature that would let you unmask your password while logging in.

Unmasking passwords, the feature that lets you see the characters instead of asterisks, in the password tab is being tested by on the mobile app of Instagram.

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The feature being tested is more or less useless, as almost all of the users stay logged in the app to avoid the hassle of logging in every time they open it, which is multiple times throughout a day.

It also makes the security of an account more vulnerable as it can expose your password. The feature would still make sense for the desktop experience.

The only benefit the feature offers is the ability to cross-check the password before entering it.

A more beneficial feature being tested by Instagram is the ability for creators to cross-post IGTV videos on Facebook.

Additionally, the platform was also testing an option to create a Series of IGTV videos. The ‘Add to Series’ option would let you categorize a group of videos into a series and let you create multiple series.