Snapchat now allows marketers to post up to 3-minutes long ads

Snap ads

Snapchat has introduced a new ad format wherein brand marketers and advertisers can post Snap ads that are skippable and up to 3-minutes long.

Previously, advertisers could show longer video ads by providing a Swipe-Up on the shorter ad, as the platform has capped the time limit for ads on the platform to 10 seconds since they started showing ads on the platform.

According to reports, Snapchat is also altering the six-second mid-show ads, the only unskippable ad format on the platform, by adding a Swipe-Up option, to integrate ‘call-to-action’ advertising on the platform. The ‘Swipe-Up’ option can redirect the viewer to a retailer’s website and similar avenues.

With the new ad format brand marketers and advertisers on the platform can indulge in long-format storytelling and display adverts that cannot be compromised with a time-limit.

Snapchat has pioneered short-format content since it’s inception. That gave the platform an iconic trait, but also made the platform less flexible than the others.

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Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, comparatively have more flexible ad formats and they also offer an array of targeting options. The new ad format furnishes a supplementary targeting option, brands can look for the audience who would be interested in viewing long-format content.

Snapchat’s business and ad revenue have also been growing, according to their quarterly report.

In the second quarter, the company generated $388 million in ad sales, a 48 percent increase year over year. And, David Roter, Snapchat’s VP of Global Agency Partnerships, mentions “Marketers are getting much more sophisticated in the way that they use the platform”. The new ad format might further boost Snap’s ad revenue.

Additionally, Snapchat is also introducing a new slate of Snap Originals along with a few returning shows with new installments.The new shows include documentaries such as a series on the rise and fall of Tekashi 6ix9ine, Season 4 fo The Dead Girls Detective Agency and more.