Twitter tests new features including scheduling tweets

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Scheduling Tweets

Twitter is testing new updates like scheduling tweets and features for Twitter Web app and mobile and is working on revamped ad formats.

Scheduling Tweets

The platform is testing an option with which you can schedule tweets from within the web app. Presently, users can schedule tweets via Tweetdeck or third-party tools.

The feature being tested was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong.

Scheduling posts via Facebook Ads Manager was the feature that put Facebook above Twitter in terms of user experience and functionality. Recently, Facebook also made scheduling Instagram & IGTV posts available via Facebook Creator Studio.

The feature aids creators, social media managers, and advertisers/marketers on the platform, as a month of content, can be scheduled in a day. If this feature rolls out it puts Twitter at par with Facebook & Instagram.

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Revamped Ad Format

Twitter is testing new ad formats and its carousel ad is being tested to business posts and more campaign types. The format was first discerned by Matt Navarra.

The new format harbours images larger in size, larger than the typical images we see on Twitter and the ones in business posts. It also has a swipeable panel, letting you add multiple media in one post.

The new ad formats might add to the effectiveness and improve an ad's appeal, depending on the brand and the specified campaign.

Recently, Facebook also refurbished facebook Mobile Ads and Page posts by decreasing primary text appearing on a post and changing media height and ratios.

Explore Tab

The Explore tab's icon on Twitter Mobile has been changed to '#' previously it was a magnifying glass symbolizing search.

A new 'Search' button has also been added to the feed on the top-right corner, which shows your recent searches and the trending searches on the platform.

The Explore section symbolized via hashtag shows trending section along with the categories, like the usual. Although, a change in the section is an additional 'Search' button within the Explore tab.

The change is presently available on Android and iOS.

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