Agency Feature: Spark Eighteen

Spark Eighteen

Who are we? 

Founded in 2012, Spark Eighteen is the brainchild of young, innovative minds who comprehend the digital world from a new age perspective. We’re a community of creators, visionaries, storytellers, artists, and entrepreneurs striving to create value. Based on our philosophy of Dream-Devise-Deliver, we make digital happen by discovering what works best for our client’s brand. Our diverse group of people think out of the box and deliver one-stop-shop solutions for start-ups and businesses.

What’s in the name?

Sometimes all you need is that spark, that Aha! moment that can take you out of your head, and into action mode. Hence, the name Spark18 comes from our mission to help “spark” brands, and 18 being the founder’s lucky number/ age at which he started the company, works wonderfully.

What do we do?

We combine technology, creativity, and innovation to carve out your brand’s uniqueness. We invent, expand and discover the brilliance in brands and devise award-winning strategies and result-oriented processes for products, businesses, and their initiatives. From Brand Consulting to Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development, we do it all to for you!

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Why we do it?

We know and understand that translating a business’s vision into dynamic, effective strategies that communicate the right messages to the right people at the right time can be tedious, frustrating and overwhelming.

We do it to solve problems and to build brands, allowing them to focus on their business and leave the murky marketing stuff to someone they can trust.

How we evolve?

Our ecosystem is fast evolving and hence we pay extra attention to the need of the hour and mold our strategies in accordance with just that. We constantly find ways of learning new trends, the latest technologies, and platforms. Our team is below 30 years of age, which is a great way for us to be in line with the latest trends and target the audiences better. Their urge to learn continuously about the new approaches and trends help us to grow. 

These thinkers blend strategy, creativity, media, technology, and analytics to bring innovation. This right blend of skills helps us in delivering successful campaigns and strategies. We grow as our clients grow!

Social responsibility in social media

We truly believe in being transparent and giving out genuine information. We understand the power of social media and how it can be leveraged for the benefit of all. Thus, we also encourage clients to revolve their campaigns around social issues, giving out accurate information which is in no way misleading and lastly, maintain a positive social environment online.

We make sure that every piece of information we share not only for us but also for our clients, is accurate, resonates with the brand’s positive image and should not go against people’s sentiments in general.

Need of the hour

Starting a digital marketing agency is easy but running and turning it into a successful business is tough! But staying updated with the trends and targeting the right audience with the right information makes it easy. Today, formulating just social media marketing campaigns, writing blogs and formulating other digital strategies are not enough to generate the right RoI. Paid marketing and mobile orientated campaigns and strategies would become essential for the survival of any brand. All these elements combined with the latest technologies like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. would help in making a cohesive digital marketing strategy.

We learned the hard way

Content marketing is not just about creating content, it is more about delivering great, unique content at the right places to reach out right audiences and get more traffic on the website. So, always spend double the time to check and share your content and make sure it reaches the right audience! 

Combining organic and paid marketing will benefit your long term website traffic. A balance between the two is ideal for the growth of an online business. Paid marketing can only supplement your marketing until organic marketing picks up. If you want to builds a better relationship with your audience that will last longer, then never leave organic marketing

They work with us 

Take a look at few:

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  • FIL Group
  • The Hive
  • RedHat
  • Live Objects
  • Hewlett- Packard (HP)
  • Livit
  • Terrabites
  • Velmenni
  • Project Mynt

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Industry as we foresee

Good engaging content is what will drive the industry. People are hungry for good content and digital is the best medium to interact with tomorrow’s buyers i.e. the Millennials. 

Apart from content Voice search, Chatbots, AI, Machine Learning, AR and VR will rule the digital marketing scene in the coming future. From collecting information to making payments and assisting customers, these technologies will change the way traditional marketing works.  

A day without Internet

When thinking from a business point of view, definitely a day without the internet would seem like a nightmare. For a digital agency, the internet is as essential as food for the soul. But, on the other side, it will be a great opportunity to detox our otherwise internet laden mind, body and soul and to have a good time with the employees.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we welcome creative minds to join our family, Currently, we have an opening for Graphic Designer, Content Strategist and UI/UX Designer.