Brands play with 5 Steps Format over Instagram

5 Steps Format

Last Friday, Social Samosa had put across seven trending formats that brands could use this week. Turns out, several brought 5 Steps Format alive.

#TrendingFormats are here to stay and if you find one that’s relevant to your brand, joining in is a must! Last Friday, Social Samosa had shared a list of seven formats brands and agencies should check to include in the content plan for the week. Of these, one was #5Steps. As we scrolled through the creativity you threw our way, some creatives really caught our eye. Here, we will feature the best ones that followed the 5 Steps Format.

But first, what is #5Steps? It is a format where five arrows are used in a way that they point to various elements in the Instagram interface. They each denote a characteristic of the brand and point to a corresponding element, drawing connections. It is much like the #JustLikeThat creatives that had gotten the brands go gaga over a few days ago. There, brands and agencies had used two arrows to form similar conclusions.

As the number of arrows increased, the possibilities did too. The brands were able to put across multiple layers of communication. It is interesting to see how brands across the spectrum were able to approach the format in their own way and make creatives that held meaning for their rhetoric.

Godrej Properties

State Bank of India



Spice Style

Borges India

Ace Tech

Blu Smart


The Orb

Western Railway


You still have several days left in the week and six formats to follow. If you are planning to join in, do tag us along with #SocialSamosa or send us the creatives at [email protected] to get featured!